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The house that the Moon occupies in your chart determines the area of life in which you react most instinctively. This same area is one in which you may experience all kinds of fluctuations. Yet your emotional well-being depends on the concerns of that house.

i Moon in the first house: Don't imagine that your emotions are hidden or disguised in any way. Thanks to your unconscious need to express your feelings and be accepted, they're obvious to all. Your well-being is oddly dependent on your appearance and how people perceive you.

i Moon in the second house: Although you experience financial ups and downs throughout your life, you also become increasingly persistent about holding on to the green stuff — which is fortunate, because material security is vital for your well-being. You may not think of yourself as a materialistic person; nonetheless, money matters.

i Moon in the third house: You have an adaptable, curious mind, a strong attachment to brothers and sisters, and a gift for establishing connections and linking people together. You're a skilled communicator, both in conversation and writing. In a thoroughly nonscientific survey done with a very small population base, two out of three literary agents of my acquaintance turn out to have the Moon in this position. (The other has several planets in Gemini, the sign most similar to the third house.)

i Moon in the fourth house: Your parents and family heritage are profoundly important to you, and the past has an irresistible allure. Security improves your peace of mind, and having a home that feels right is essential, although it may not be easy to find. In your search for the perfect nest, you're likely to experience many changes of residence.

i Moon in the fifth house: You're romantic, dramatic, and emotional. You're also creative and talented, perhaps in more than one field. A risk-taker, especially in the realm of love, you connect easily with children, whether they're your own or someone else's. (The most stimulating teachers I know have this position.)

Walt Whitman

The poet Walt Whitman, born May 31, 1819, had the Moon in Leo in the sixth house. As a Gemini, he's known for his writing. As someone with the Moon in the house of work and health, he's also recognized for regular jobs he held during his lifetime. Among other professions, he was a journeyman printer, a journalist, a teacher, a government clerk, and a Civil War nurse, a job that was both dramatic, in keeping with the Leo placement of his moon, and service-oriented, as the sixth house demands.

i Moon in the sixth house: Until you find satisfying work, you're likely to change jobs repeatedly. Working for the money isn't enough; you need to feel productive and fulfilled. Service and health professions are satisfying. Also, you worry about your health, which can be affected by your reactions to your job.

i Moon in the seventh house: Marriage and other partnerships loom large for you, though you may feel indecisive about relationships. Once you're committed, you run the risk of becoming too dependent. In business, people seek you out.

i Moon in the eighth house: You have strongly fluctuating moods, powerful sexual urges, and the ability to heal emotional wounds for yourself and possibly for others. You're emotionally brave and willing to face reality. Financially, you may experience ups and downs, especially through a romantic relationship.

i Moon in the ninth house: The more you push beyond the boundaries of your life and seek out fresh experiences, the happier you are. You have an active imagination and a desire for knowledge. You may explore many religions and philosophies before you find one that satisfies you. Travel soothes your soul, and you take many journeys.

i Moon in the tenth house: Your peace of mind goes hand in hand with your professional accomplishments. Once you identify the right career, you pour yourself into it. Not surprisingly, your private life may suffer. The good news is that if you love what you're doing, you don't care.

i Moon in the eleventh house: Popular and easygoing, you have an instinctive understanding of other people and a remarkable capacity for friendship. Friends play a major role in your life (though you may care too much about what they think). Your goals are likely to change many times, and as they do, your circle of friends may also shift.

i Moon in the twelfth house: Digging out your secrets is no easy task. You're moody, sensitive, and intrigued by the hidden side of life. Withdrawal is your mode. You prefer to conceal your emotions (along with certain sordid episodes from the past). You may become involved with institutions such as hospitals or prisons. Clandestine relationships may offer a form of emotional sustenance that you don't find elsewhere.

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