The Houses

i Mercury in the third house: You're fortunate to possess this much-admired placement, for it gives you an alert and vibrant mind, great intellectual curiosity, and a way with words. You're an effective public speaker, a lively conversationalist, and a gifted writer.

i Mercury in the fourth house: Strongly influenced by your parents, you turn your home into a center of activity and intellectual stimulation. You may even work at home. Your family heritage is probably complicated in one way or another, and you must eventually deal with its repercussions head-on. At your worst, you can be narrow-minded and priggish. At your best, you're tuned in and acutely aware.

i Mercury in the fifth house: A fun-loving person with a variety of interests, you're a creative thinker with a weakness for speculation and a romantic history worth writing about. In love, you look for someone who gets you going mentally. As a parent, you derive enormous pleasure from your children (and you talk about them endlessly).

i Mercury in the sixth house: Skillful and efficient, you tend to immerse yourself in work, either handling the details with ease or becoming obsessed with them. In the absence of something important to do, you're the master of make-work — so it's essential that you find satisfying, stimulating employment. An apprehensive person, you worry needlessly and may become a hypochondriac. To ward off this possibility, take positive steps to guard your health.

i Mercury in the seventh house: You're a sociable person who craves lively conversation and stimulating relationships. Although you're outgoing and connect easily with others, you quickly become bored and may shy away from commitment. When you find the relationship you're seeking, the conversation never ends.

i Mercury in the eighth house: This placement gives you a naturally intuitive mind, the ability to ferret out secrets, amazing researching skills, and a profound mental engagement with the mysteries of life, including sex, death, money (which you resent having to worry about), and the metaphysical arts.

i Mercury in the ninth house: You're fortified by ideas, motivated by philosophy, stimulated by the forces of the intellect, and happy to explore the world. You enjoy grappling with ideas and meeting people, which makes education a natural field for you. (Other smart choices include law, publishing, and religion.) You find contentment in dealing with important issues but have no patience for the trivia of everyday life.

i Mercury in the tenth house: With this high-profile placement, you're likely to develop a stimulating career, often involving the written word. Your ideal job has great variety built into it. In the absence of that, you experience frequent job changes. You require continued mental stimulation. You prefer to be in charge and are most successful when you can pursue your own ideas.

1 Mercury in the eleventh house: An active social life is essential for your well-being. You make friends easily, but if Mercury is afflicted by stressful aspects with other planets, there can be a revolving-door quality to your friendships. (See Chapter 13 for a discussion of aspects.) You find it simulating to work in a group, and you benefit from frequent contacts with people who share your ideals and aspirations.

1 Mercury in the twelfth house: You're mysterious, intuitive, contemplative, and secretive. You can interpret dreams, break codes, and do all kinds of other mental tasks that require creative thinking — and a little privacy. Solitude refreshes your mind.

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