Taurus in Love

Possessive, faithful, and not always as mellow as you'd like to be, you require physical contact, emotional and financial security, and domestic comfort. Once you find someone who shares your sensuality and basic values, you're content. You can happily while away your time just being together, doing nothing. Troubles arise when your partner wants a change of pace. Inevitably, you resist. You're the immovable object. Learn to bend.

i Taurus + Taurus: Assuming one of you has the gumption to make the first move, this could be a long-term love-in. But when disagreements emerge, you lock horns. You'll encounter big passion and big fights, but this combo is a definite go.

i Taurus + Gemini: Effervescent Gemini loosens up the stolid Bull. Gemini loves change and jumps into it without hesitation, while conservative Taurus is uncomfortable with change and tries to avoid it. As always, neighboring signs can be problematic. Check for Mercury, Venus, or the Moon in each other's signs.

i Taurus + Cancer: Welcome home. Taurus is sensual, loving, and security-minded; Cancer is intuitive, nurturing, and security-minded. A perfect, harmonious match.

i Taurus + Leo: Reliable Taurus wants to have a normal life, a regular bedtime, and a growing bank account. Demanding Leo wants to live large. And neither of you gives an inch.

i Taurus + Virgo: You both value practical solutions, even if sensible Taurus takes longer to get there than efficient Virgo. In addition to sharing values, comfort-loving Taurus calms Virgo's frazzled nerves, while goal-oriented Virgo prods Taurus into action. A fine combination.

l Taurus + Libra: You're both ruled by sexy Venus, yet what a difference there is between you! Intellectual Libra values refinement, music, soft lighting; earthy Taurus wants to skip the preliminaries and get to it. When the thrill of the moment fades, you have little to say to each other.

1 Taurus + Scorpio: Passion's playground. Scorpio bubbles over with erotic ideas; Taurus goes along. Scorpio's love of secrecy, melodrama, and control receives a cooler welcome from the Bull, who moves slowly and is considerably more upfront. When troubles arise, you're equally stubborn. Example: Jessica Lange (Taurus) and Sam Shepard (Scorpio).

1 Taurus + Sagittarius: Sexually, you're a match, at least for a while.

Otherwise, you're so different it's astonishing that you ever got together at all. Sagittarius collects frequent-flyer miles, wants more than the usual amount of personal space, and hungers for stimulation; Taurus gardens, needs loads of cuddling (and a cozy den), and loves to stay home, making this a difficult combo.

1 Taurus + Capricorn: A fine match you've got here. You have similar values, an appreciation for physical comfort, a desire for financial prosperity, a shared work ethic, and a frequently reinforced belief in the healing power of sex. Example: Coretta Scott King (Taurus) and Martin Luther King, Jr. (Capricorn).

1 Taurus + Aquarius: Airy, eccentric Aquarius is all about ideas; conservative, stable Taurus is rooted in the real world. Both are rigid. This isn't a good long-term prospect, despite the notable example of Alice B. Toklas (Taurus) and Gertrude Stein (Aquarius). (For more about this couple, flip to the sidebar "Incompatible? You be the judge.")

1 Taurus + Pisces: Earthy Taurus is essentially physical; dreamy Pisces is metaphysical. Yet these two share similar rhythms, tastes, and romantic notions. Examples: Sid Vicious (Taurus) and Nancy Spungen (Pisces), Robert (Taurus) and Elizabeth Barrett Browning (Pisces).

Head over heels for a Taurus? Hang around. Be patient. Avoid arguments. Reveal no deep-seated neuroses. And give Taurus a chance to feel comfortable. Security is essential for Taurus. To give your Bull a safe haven, provide rich food, soft touches, lazy afternoons, good wine, leisurely walks in the woods, and every reason to feel relaxed. Taurus responds to scent and texture, so wear silk, velvet, cashmere, tweed — anything touchable. That's where Taurus lives.

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