Taking the House Tour

Every birth chart embraces all twelve houses — no more, no less. In most charts, one or two of those houses prove to be especially important thanks to the presence of several planets. The more planets you find squeezed into a house, the more important the matters of that house are likely to be. Table 12-1 lists the twelve houses along with the areas of life that they cover.

Table 12-1

Houses and Their Significance


Areas of Concern

First house

Your appearance and apparent disposition

Second house

Income, possessions, values

Third house

Communication, writing, short journeys, brothers and sisters

Fourth house

Home, roots, one parent, circumstances at the end of life

Fifth house

Romance, children, creativity, entertainment

Sixth house

Work and health

Seventh house

Marriage and other partnerships

Eighth house

Sex, death, regeneration, other people's money

Ninth house

Higher education, long journeys, religion, philosophy, law

Tenth house

Career, status, reputation, the other parent

Eleventh house

Friends, groups, aspirations

Twelfth house

Seclusion, the unconscious, secrets, self-undoing

The following sections show how the Sun, Moon, and planets play their parts in each of the twelve houses.

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