Sun Moon

The Sun represents your conscious identity, while the Moon governs your innermost feelings and subconscious self. The Sun/Moon aspect shows how comfortably these two cooperate.

1 Conjunction: If your Sun and Moon are conjunct, you were born around the time of a new moon, with all the vitality that implies. Your will and your subconscious work together, so you have strong intentions, enthusiasm, and the ability to concentrate. You may also be stubborn and closed-minded.

1 Harmonious aspects: With your Sun sextile or trine the Moon, you're genial and energetic. Opportunities come your way. All things being equal, you're basically at peace with yourself. Consider yourself blessed.

1 Hard aspects: If your Sun and Moon are square, your conscious self desires one thing, and your subconscious yearns for something else. So you're never truly satisfied, and you may struggle with a tendency to sabotage yourself. Interestingly, this discomfort turns out to be highly motivating. Legions of accomplished people in every field have this aspect — so many that I'm not even sure it's a disadvantage.

If your Sun and Moon are in opposition, you were born under a full moon, a time when emotions run high. Restless and conflicted, you find it difficult to match your desires to your abilities. You attract stressful relationships and may overreact to obstacles. Although a few people with Sun/Moon oppositions screw up in astonishing ways (extreme example: Michael Jackson), the opposition also motivates them to conquer the internal divide and become hugely successful.

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