Step One Finding Overall Patterns

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Leaf through a pile of birth charts, and you may notice that in some the planets are huddled together in one part of the circle, while in others they're scattered around the wheel like numbers on a clock. These groupings, which have nothing to do with the specific planets and signs involved, can be amazingly revealing. Astrologers have developed two main ways of assessing the configurations of an astrological chart:

1 Hemisphere analysis: So easy that a child can do it, this method divides the chart circle in half both horizontally and vertically and counts the number of planets on each side.

1 Pattern analysis: This method, pioneered by astrologer Marc Edmund Jones in his Guide to Horoscope Interpretation, analyzes the way the planets are strewn around the wheel of the horoscope.

Both methods rely only on patterns, not on specific signs and planets.

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