Step Four Putting the Puzzle Together

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Before you reach any wild conclusions about a chart (especially your own), make sure you've looked at everything, including the planets, the aspects, the Ascendant and Midheaven, the houses (including the ones that are empty), and anything else you can think of. For example, if asteroids interest you, by all means check them out. One of the most fascinating parts of astrology is that there's always something new to look at in a chart.

And yet you may discover that the more you delve into your chart, the more the information seems to repeat itself. You'll also unearth a few contradictions: Everyone has them in their charts, just as everyone has them in their psyches. You'll also find the occasional placement or aspect that doesn't gel with the rest of the horoscope or that simply doesn't fit the person in front of you. (Don't toss it out too quickly, especially if you're completing a chart for a friend or acquaintance. Your discomfort could be an indication that you don't know this person half as well as you think you do.)

After you weigh all these factors, you'll notice that certain characteristics seem to pop up everywhere. It's amazing how in every chart, a few themes wind their way through the entire chart. No matter where you begin — with the hemisphere balance or the element countdown, with the Sun sign or with that peculiar stellium in the fifth house — the same theme keeps coming around again and again. And the entire chart starts to click into place. That's when you know you're becoming an astrologer.

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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