Scorpio in Love

You're intense, devoted, and fascinated by the game of love. You think of romance in mythic terms, demand grand passion (sexually and otherwise), and often fall into the quicksand of obsession. Because you radiate sex appeal and have such a compelling presence, other people often become fixated on you. (Note, however, that though Scorpio has a well-deserved reputation as the sexiest sign in the zodiac, many Scorpios also struggle with sexual problems that range from sexoholic excess to impotence, with a full complement of bizarre detours in between.) Still, the bottom line is this: You expect love (and sex) to transform you — and that's exactly what happens.

^ Scorpio + Scorpio: Communication is eerily easy, and sex is erotic beyond imagining. But should there be even a hint of suspicion or jockeying for power, the psychic warfare is unbearable. This can be a match for the ages, or an exercise in tortured excess. Example: Larry and Althea Flynt.

^ Scorpio + Sagittarius: Scorpio is complicated and covert; Sagittarius is direct and honest. Scorpio seeks total immersion; Sagittarius wants independence. The Sun signs are stunningly different. But when at least one partner has planets in the other's sign, the attraction is compelling. Examples: Pablo Picasso (Scorpio with the Moon in Sagittarius) and Françoise Gilot (Sagittarius).

i Scorpio + Capricorn: These serious, lusty signs seem different because Scorpio dives deep into the tropical sea of emotion, while Capricorn, though prone to sulking, prefers to skate lightly on the frozen surface. In fact, Scorpio gives Capricorn permission to have feelings, Capricorn protects the ever-emotive Scorpio, and you both feel like you have come home. Example: Mike Nichols (Scorpio) and Diane Sawyer (Capricorn).

i Scorpio + Aquarius: Fixed signs don't submit easily. Then again, you don't respect people who do. The problem is that Scorpio seeks attachment, is absorbed by emotional complexity, and leads from the heart, while Aquarius, however mentally vibrant, prefers a little emotional distance. This is a volatile mix. Example: Demi Moore (Scorpio) and Ashton Kutcher (Aquarius).

i Scorpio + Pisces: You're both sensual, intuitive, and emotionally aware. As a rule, possessive Scorpio is more at ease with the ways of the world than the out-of-this-world Fish. But Scorpio longs for magic, and imaginative Pisces can make it happen. Examples: Goldie Hawn (Scorpio) and Kurt Russell (Pisces).

If you're fixated on a Scorpio, be passionate and expressive. Sing Gershwin or Cole Porter. Invite Scorpio over to see Casablanca. Watch an eclipse together. When the object of your affections enters your domain, exploit your home-court advantage. Feel free to play games, to imply, and to pull back. Scorpio loves that stuff. Be secretive, suggestive, manipulative, and ever-so-slightly aggressive — and at the same time, be emotionally available. Make eye contact. Let Scorpions know how fascinating they are. Really, no one compares.

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