Saturn Uranus

Tradition (Saturn) meets innovation (Uranus). Boundaries (Saturn) encounter the forces of liberation (Uranus). Needless to say, things start to pop with this combo.

1 Conjunction: You have drive, persistence, leadership potential, and the ability to focus your most original ideas by combining the brilliance of Uranus with the practical realities of Saturn.

1 Harmonious aspects: You're determined and decisive, able to blend the seriousness of Saturn with the originality of Uranus. This is an aspect of accomplishment.

1 Hard aspects: Compromise is difficult. You can be egotistical, callous, and hypocritical — a real pain in the neck. At your worst, you feel that you have been denied the recognition, status, or material wealth you deserve. At your best you're a reformer, able to apply original (Uranian) ideas to old (Saturnian) problems.

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