Saturn Pluto

Pluto is a potent magician and the planet of deep, slow, internal change; Saturn is the taskmaster of the zodiac and the lord of discipline. When they link up in your chart, your ability to transform yourself is deepened.

1 Conjunction: Pluto is all about transformation, but cautious Saturn, which isn't comfortable with change, restricts its action, creating compulsive behavior, hard-to-break habits, and a mother lode of resistance. To get around this intense, sometimes frustrating aspect, you need a systematic approach to problem-solving, a healthy dose of self-discipline, and an acceptance of the fact that although change may be glacial in its speed, glaciers nonetheless reshaped the world.

1 Harmonious aspects: A trine or sextile linking Saturn and Pluto strengthens your willpower, sense of control, and confidence.

1 Hard aspects: Obsessive thoughts or compulsive behavior may keep you in their nasty grip until you find a way to lessen their power. Although obstacles may block your way, you have the will to overcome them.

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