Saturn Neptune

Practical Saturn follows directions. Dreamy Neptune wanders around in a daze, soaking up impressions and dissolving boundaries. Depending on whether they're working with or against each other, they either strengthen the forces of perception or cause you to become completely unfocused.

1 Conjunction: If the two planets are well-matched, you're disciplined, sensible, and creative. If stern Saturn dominates Neptune, you distrust your intuition and squash your creative impulses. If woozy Neptune is dominant, you struggle in your efforts to be neat, organized, and in control.

1 Harmonious aspects: Your Neptunian idealism and your Saturnian sense of reality combine forces, giving you the ability to direct your imagination in a practical, real-world way.

1 Hard aspects: Emotionally, you hold back. You don't trust people easily, and you have reclusive tendencies. Plus, you have difficulty getting organized. The placement of Saturn in your chart indicates where you need structure. Chances are you know exactly what you should do. The trouble is that, thanks to mysterious Neptune, the planet of illusion, you have trouble doing it.

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