Sagittarius in Love

You cherish your freedom, long for adventure, and take "Don't fence me in" as your personal creed. It goes without saying that relationships are an issue. When a relationship challenges you or introduces you to a wider world, you're intrigued and excited. Unpredictability attracts you. But too many rules, too many formal dinners, and too much domesticity drive you to despair.

i Sagittarius + Sagittarius: Like two Don Quixotes, you understand each other well. Eternally young at heart, you share adventures, aspirations, and the ability to amuse each other. But you tend to dream the impossible dream and may fail to address concrete issues when they arise. Make frequent reality checks.

i Sagittarius + Capricorn: Capricorn is charmed by the Archer's madcap ways, while jaunty Sagittarius is amazed at how organized and grown-up the Goat is. Like two neighboring countries, you can either go to war or establish a cultural exchange. It helps if one of you has a planet or two in the other's sign. Example: John F. Kennedy, Jr. (Sagittarius) and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy (Capricorn).

1 Sagittarius + Aquarius: You're both lively, broad-minded, and unregi-mented. But neither of you has much talent for domesticity — or togetherness. Prepare for a life of takeout dinners, offbeat friends, late-night videos, and all-night chatter.

1 Sagittarius + Pisces: You are two seekers, each with an inclination to dream. But Sagittarius deflates the fragile Piscean ego, while sensitive Pisces, though bewitching, can become strangely passive, which fiery Sagittarius can't abide. A questionable couple at best.

To snag a Sagittarius, don't come on too strong. Cliched courting gestures make the Archer squirm. Instead, be casual, witty, lighthearted, and spontaneous. Spur-of-the-moment outings work in your favor; laying down too many rules works against you. Remember that Sagittarius wants to be a free spirit and delights in the unexpected. So keep your passport up-to-date. Be willing to be daring. And don't rush Sagittarians: No matter what they say, most of them are commitment-phobic. They need to relax into relationships.

Conservative and classy, you want a traditional relationship with all the trappings. You aren't particularly interested in wild flings, which isn't to say that you're uninterested in sex. On the contrary, as an earth sign, you're a highly hormonal, high-stamina lover. But random sex seems meaningless to you. You're a devoted spouse, an attentive parent, a true friend, a loyal son or daughter — the whole shebang. You seek ever-after commitment and nothing less.

1 Capricorn + Capricorn: You're both ambitious, committed, and lusty. But you run the danger of leading a life so upright, work-oriented, and tightly scheduled that you never have any fun apart from sex. (Even there, you aren't the most creative lovers on the planet.) And if either one of you gets depressed, you're in trouble.

1 Capricorn + Aquarius: Capricorn is a traditionalist who believes in systems; progressive Aquarius is a maverick who likes to overturn them. Capricorn worries and feels despondent; Aquarius believes that the future is bright. Chances are you irritate each other. This can be a disaster — unless one of you has a planet or two in the other's sign.

1 Capricorn + Pisces: Enterprising Capricorn knows how to handle the workaday world but can get bogged down in it; compassionate Pisces, who has other values, specializes in escaping from (or ignoring) the requirements of reality. But Pisces can lift Capricorn's spirits, and Capricorn can help Pisces get a toe or two on the ground. You inspire and support each other.

Fixated on a Capricorn? Cool and contained, Capricorn follows the rules. You should, too. Dress with class, be polite, be successful, be admiring. Offer up respectable, high-class activities — theatre, art exhibits, lectures. Don't jump into bed right away. Don't be aggressive. Don't be vulgar. Don't nag. Let things unfold naturally. And be patient: Capricorn represses emotions and generally takes things slowly. But Capricorn plays for keeps.

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