Retrograde Hell The Truth Revealed

In This Chapter

^ Explaining retrograde motion ^ Managing retrograde Mercury ^ Dealing with retrograde Mars and Venus ^ Considering other retrograde planets f

■ t's amazing how many people there are who can't cast a horoscope, don't know their rising signs, and yet practically have panic attacks over the retrograde movement of Mercury. These supposedly sinister periods, during which that little planet appears to travel backward, arrive regularly three or four times a year. And yes, they do usher in a volley of setbacks, misunderstandings, irritations, and minor disruptions. Worse yet, they stir up a storm of fear and anxiety in the hearts of astrology fans everywhere. But is this reaction called for? In a word, no. Retrograde motion isn't a tragedy. It isn't a disaster. It isn't even a cause for alarm. It's a respite and a gift from the cosmos — but only if you understand its purpose and use it appropriately. In this chapter, I tell you what you need to know to grapple calmly and rationally with retrograde movements.

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