Anyone who knows you — from friends and family to the most casual of acquaintances — knows where you stand. Outspoken and direct, you don't hesitate to express yourself, and you have little patience for those who can't take the heat. Besides, you enjoy your own company entirely too much to tolerate anyone who requires coddling. Self-sufficient and independent, you prefer your friends to be as on-the-move as you are, and you can't bear whining. As for love, you're an exciting person to be around, overflowing with enthusiasm and joie de vivre. Although you suffer from jealousy and can be competitive, you enjoy the chase — not that you let it drag on for too long. You're not a game player. You know what you like, and when you find it, you go for it. And did I mention that you're sexually ravenous?

At the same time, you're an idealist who's fully prepared to hold out for the real thing. You demand equality, and if you don't get it, you make your displeasure clear. With Mars, the warrior planet, as your ruler, you seldom shy away from confrontation. And even though you don't mean to be contentious, at times you can't help yourself. You're not one to suppress your feelings or to spend endless hours delving into the intricacies of your own — or anyone else's — psyche. You'd rather face the issues head-on. Your combustible, intimidating exterior may mask feelings of inferiority, but most people won't realize that. All they know is that you're a force to be reckoned with.

For information on your relationships with other signs, flip to Chapter 15.

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