You'd think that a sign supposedly as critical as Virgo would have trouble making friends. But this isn't the case. Virgos love to converse, excel at analyzing other people, dote on exploring new ideas, and maintain a multitude of interests. Conversation with a Virgo is never dull. Virgos also remember birthdays, bring chicken soup and DVDs to ailing friends, and generally extend themselves. So you don't lack for a busy social life — even if you are a little heavy-handed with the advice from time to time.

In a committed relationship, you're most comfortable when your role and responsibilities are clearly defined. When you don't know what to expect or those roles are shifting under the pressure of circumstances, you become jittery, insomniac, withholding, and — your worst mistake — controlling. You don't mean to be — you just want to make sure that everything is on course. You have a powerful sense of the way things should be, and when reality conflicts with your impossibly high standards, you slip into a state of denial and see what you want to see. When breakups occur, you're stunned. For all your good sense, a Virgo with a broken heart is a pathetic creature indeed. Fortunately, you aren't one to spend your life sobbing into your limited-edition designer brew. Inevitably, you find a way to turn things around. You have no trouble attracting admirers, for Virgo can be incredibly seductive, despite its virginal image. (Iconic Virgo sex symbols include Sean Connery, Richard Gere, Sophia Loren, and Greta Garbo.) But that's not what helps you get through tough times. It's your mental ability to reframe a situation. Sure, things may look bad from one angle. But from another . . .

For the scoop on Virgo's relationships with other signs, check out Chapter 15.

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