No one said relationships were easy. That's because casual liaisons don't satisfy you. Even your friendships are serious. Growing up, you understood the concept of blood brothers or sisters (even if you never found a friend who qualified), and you longed for that kind of connection. As an adult, you still want to bond on the deepest of levels. That's especially true in your romantic life. Ardent, mysterious, and magnetic, you long for blazing sex, conversation that breaks all barriers, and total immersion. When you fall in love, it's theatrical and impassioned — a drama for the ages.

At its finest, that intensity helps you create the kind of fully intertwined partnership you crave. At its worst, it causes you to become suspicious, possessive, and resentful. Issues of power and control arise, and you can become painfully obsessive. When you feel injured or when a relationship is disintegrating, you unleash the deadly sting for which the scorpion is famous. If you cut someone off, it's forever. No one feels ecstasy the way you do; and no one suffers more.

Finally, I want to point out that, despite your desire to mind-meld with another human being, Scorpio also requires privacy. Without it, your peace of mind unravels, and anyone involved with you must understand that. Solitude, like sex, is a necessity.

Wondering how you get along with other signs? Turn to Chapter 15.

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