With Venus as your ruling planet, you're appealing and affectionate, and you effortlessly attract friends, lovers, and sidekicks. Romance is hugely important to you but (with rare exceptions) you won't go after it aggressively. Quietly seductive, you give subtle signals, and if the object of your desire turns out to be immune, you look elsewhere.

Your feelings run deep, but it's not excitement you seek; it's sanctuary. In your heart, familiarity breeds contentment. You relish the daily, domestic rituals along with the security of a long-running relationship. When you're in a secure partnership, you hold on tightly. You're loving, protective, and supportive, even if you're also dependent and possessive.

Although you dislike conflict and try to avoid it, you don't back down either. If a relationship is on shaky ground, you can hardly bear the tension. Some people (Leo and Scorpio, for example) get all caught up in those romantic ups and downs. They throw themselves into the drama and even find it titillating. Not Taurus. Sincere and intense, you play for keeps because you're not playing. For you, love isn't a game.

For the lowdown on your relationships with other signs, turn to Chapter 15.

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