Funny, generous, enthusiastic, and direct, the Archer loves to talk and makes friends easily. Stimulating conversation and a clever sense of humor carry a lot of weight with you. You also prize personal freedom, making romance much trickier than friendship. Despite a tendency to take risks in other areas, you tend to hold back romantically and are famous for being resistant to commitment. Whether you come across as a Don Juan, an inconstant lover, or a monk-in-training, you usually manage to maintain your independence, even at the cost of occasional loneliness. Besides, you're an optimist (though you may think otherwise). So why settle for someone who's less than perfect when alone offers thousands of eligible soul mates at the click of a mouse? No wonder it's hard to choose. Denizens of other signs may rush to the altar, anxious to pair up and settle down. You have fantasies aplenty — but they're not about weddings, gift registries, mortgages, or twins. You'd just as soon see the world and develop some of your own talents.

When you do ultimately connect (and fear not, it happens all the time), you sincerely hope that the relationship will lead to a larger, more fulfilling life — not a more constrained one. You have nothing against domesticity, but it is not your dream, and stability is not your guiding principle. Instead, you seek a life of adventure, be it literal, intellectual, or spiritual, with plenty of laughs along the way — and an active, accomplished companion who doesn't mind being with someone as independent as you. Even in a fully committed, deeply passionate relationship, Sagittarius always needs some space.

For information on the Archer's relationships with other signs, turn to Chapter 15.

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