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Given that Aquarius is the sign of humanity, you might imagine that your relationships would be role models for the rest of the world. And in some ways, they are. Fair and friendly, you're interested in people from every corner of society. You extend your friendship to oddballs, geniuses, extremists, and the kid across the street. So what if you eventually drop most of these relationships? You also maintain a few friendships for life.

Romance is more complicated. Although you pride yourself on your tolerance, certain established customs — getting engaged, for instance, or reserving Saturday night for your beloved —seem phony or old-fashioned to you. You're often astonished by the conventional expectations that people hold dear, and you resent having to go along with those antiquated notions. Trouble is, people misinterpret your independent ways as rejection — and, yes, they take it personally. Those needy folks probably strike you as unreasonable and demanding. See it that way if you wish. But remember: Intimate relationships have their own rhythm, which sometimes requires you to offer reassurance and to behave according to — please excuse the expression — the rules. In maintaining a relationship, make sure that your assumptions are shared.

Classic Aquarians i Virginia Woolf, Chris Rock, Ellen DeGeneres (Moon in Aries)

i Bill Maher, Sheryl Crow, Jackson Pollock, Ronald Reagan (Moon in Taurus)

i Gene Hackman, Jack Benny, James Spader (Moon in Gemini)

i Lord Byron, Mischa Barton, Franklin D. Roosevelt (Moon in Cancer)

i James Joyce, Judy Blume, Paris Hilton (Moon in Leo)

i John Travolta, Vanessa Redgrave (Moon in Virgo)

^ Natalie Cole, Stonewall Jackson, Edouard Manet (Moon in Libra)

^ James Dean, Bob Marley, Molly Ringwald (Moon in Scorpio)

^ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Oprah Winfrey, Justin Timberlake (Moon in Sagittarius)

^ Charles Darwin, Thomas Alva Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Betty Friedan (Moon in Capricorn)

^ Joan of Arc, Jackie Robinson, Angela Davis (Moon in Aquarius)

^ Susan B. Anthony, Toni Morrison, Paul Newman, Lisa Marie Presley (Moon in Pisces)

For the lowdown on your relationships with other signs, flip to Chapter 15.

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