Your self-assurance and easy-going humor draw a crowd. The center of any social scene, you're an accomplished party-thrower and a sought-after dinner guest. Although you like to maintain the upper hand in a relationship, and you rely on the attentions of others to keep your ego in shape, you also know how to bestow affection and admiration. People feel privileged to be your friend.

As for romance, Leo loves to be in love and believes in everything symbolic of that state — from Saturday night (which is sacred) to flowers, phone calls, breakfast in bed, loads of sex, and plenty of bling. (I've known Leos to leave dog-eared copies of the Tiffany catalogue on the breakfast table, just to make sure the message comes across.) You're definitely high maintenance, though you undoubtedly think otherwise. When times are good, you're passionate, accommodating, supportive, and adoring. When things are falling apart, you do too, becoming domineering, arrogant, and jealous. Should a hot affair cool into dull predictability, you may even stir things up, just to keep life interesting. And when your beloved disappoints you, you're devastated, even if you don't let it show. For all your bluster, you have a tender heart.

Finally, I want to add a note about animals. In traditional astrological lore, pets aren't associated with Leo. But I have noticed that the people I know who treat their pets like family, cart them around in Louis Vuitton cases, purchase wardrobes for them, publish books about them, or appear on television with their squirming bulldogs on their laps to protest against puppy mills, are overwhelmingly Leos. Not every Leo has a pet, and some wouldn't dream of it. (They don't want to be upstaged.) But those who do value their four-legged friends invest themselves fully in the relationship.

For information on Leo's relationships with other signs, take a look at Chapter 15.

Classic Leos il Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Andy Warhol, Jennifer Lopez (Moon in Aries)

I Bill Clinton, Mick Jagger, Kyra Sedgwick (Moon in Taurus)

I Amelia Earhart, Tony Bennett (Moon in Gemini)

I Emily Bronte, Annie Oakley, Sean Penn (Moon in Cancer)

I Charlize Theron, Halle Berry (Moon in Leo)

I Madonna, Dustin Hoffman, J. K. Rowling (Moon in Virgo)

ii Fidel Castro, Belinda Carlisle, Julia Child (Moon in Libra)

i Alfred Hitchcock, Ben Affleck, Steve Martin (Moon in Scorpio)

i Herman Melville, Magic Johnson, Martha Stewart (Moon in Sagittarius)

i Napoleon Bonaparte, Arnold Schwarzenegger (Moon in Capricorn)

i Sandra Bullock, Beatrix Potter (Moon in Aquarius)

i Coco Chanel, Robert De Niro (Moon in Pisces)

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