Power Hungry Pluto

In 2006, astronomers reclassified Pluto as a dwarf planet. This may make a difference to astrophysicists (though I can't see why it should). Astrologers essentially don't care. In our interpretation of the universe, Pluto is associated with power, regeneration, and the underworld of the psyche — a place where alchemy is the operative metaphor and size is deeply, truly meaningless. Plutonian transits, which last for two or three years, coincide with periods of profound change.

l Pluto conjunct the Sun: Your awareness increases. You become obsessed with your potential and are ultimately unwilling to be anyone other than your most powerful self. Inappropriate relationships and jobs can drop away during this critical period. Also important: Unresolved issues regarding your father or other authority figures need to be addressed. In the first half of the 21st century, only Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces will experience this transit.

l Pluto opposite the Sun: Circumstances force you to take control of your destiny. Relationships may suffer. Despite opposition or conflicts with authority, you're determined to act in the most powerful possible way. Above all, you seek recognition. Constructive action leads to success; vengeful, fear-based, or egotistical behavior backfires. Over the next couple of years, a new phase of your life begins.

l Pluto conjunct the Moon: Powerful emotional forces are swirling around you. You may even have to deal with a death in the family. Concerns that you may have ignored since childhood reemerge, including issues regarding your mother. Confronting issues of dependency and inferiority brings healing and catharsis.

l Pluto opposite the Moon: Emotional turmoil and changing family circumstances provoke shifts in your domestic environment. Facing the truth is the only option, painful though it may be.

l Pluto conjunct Mercury: Take yourself seriously. Your mental capacity is developing, and your insights are more penetrating than ever before. You're able to influence others through the spoken or written word.

l Pluto opposite Mercury: Differences in opinion, problems in communication, and obsessive (or depressive) thoughts may disturb you. Secrets may be revealed. You also have a chance to communicate in a more forceful way.

l Pluto conjunct Venus: Jealousy, resentment, or obsessive love may have you in its grip. Unconsciously you seek a profound connection, and you can probably find it during this intense — and occasionally miserable — period.

l Pluto opposite Venus: An emotional crisis can cause a relationship to either crumble or deepen. Disputes, a clash of value, or unresolved sexual issues may need to be addressed. Also, financial problems may hound you.

i Pluto conjunct Mars: Increased determination and ambition open many doors. Your increased ability to focus enables you to act with greater effect. Although you need to find ways to manage your anger, your energy is transformed.

i Pluto opposite Mars: Upsetting events or circumstances beyond your control force you to take action and to channel your anger in constructive ways.

i Pluto conjunct Jupiter: Expand the boundaries of your life, and you can utterly transform it. Opportunities pop up through education, travel, religion, or the law.

i Pluto opposite Jupiter: Your desire for success and power motivates you to widen your horizons. Be aware that overestimating yourself is a distinct possibility. Also, if you're religious, you may experience a crisis of faith.

i Pluto conjunct Saturn: Shedding your self-imposed chains is far from easy. This conjunction ushers in a period of intense self-examination and results in permanent change.

i Pluto opposite Saturn: Outside forces thwart your efforts and force you to alter your plans during this time of unasked-for change. As always with Saturn, you benefit from self-control and hard work.

i Pluto conjunct Uranus: If you've repressed your individuality, it reemerges now. Simple rebelliousness leads nowhere. If you have overplayed the flamboyant role, you're ready to tone down your eccentricities. If you've tried to hide your most idiosyncratic self, embrace it now. You'll find unexpected fulfillment.

i Pluto opposite Uranus: Surprising circumstances propel you into the future, forcing you to come to terms with who you are and who you want to be.

i Pluto conjunct Neptune: Your dreams, beliefs, and ideals are slowly shifting.

i Pluto opposite Neptune: Unless you're well over 100 years old, this transit isn't one you have to worry about.

i Pluto conjunct natal Pluto: Not possible.

i Pluto opposite natal Pluto: Not possible (unless you're 123 years old).

i Pluto conjunct the Ascendant: You're no longer willing to deny or suppress your personal power. A stronger self-image fortifies your resolution and spurs you to initiate change.

i Pluto opposite the Ascendant: You demand to be recognized for the powerful person you are, and you want to make an impact on the world. If a relationship is holding you down in any way, it must go.

i Pluto conjunct the Midheaven: Your career (or your role in the community) enters an era of slow, major shift.

i Pluto opposite the Midheaven: Habits need to change. Over the next few years, your circumstances at home and your relationship with your parents will undergo a deep shift.

Pluto brings disintegration, regeneration, and metamorphosis. External conflicts with power and internal rumbles within the psyche characterize these transformative transits.

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