Pluto in the Houses

The house that tiny Pluto occupies in your natal chart determines the area in life where you're most likely to experience obsession and transformation.

1 Pluto in the first house: You have a compulsive, controlling, and magnetic personality, along with a tendency to dominate. You make a powerful impact on people — but you may also alienate them.

1 Pluto in the second house: You find concrete outlets for your abilities, but you can also become obsessed with your possessions. More importantly, money can become a battlefield, and you may struggle to control other people with it.

1 Pluto in the third house: You have a profound mind, accurate perceptions, a longing to solve the mysteries of life, and an obsessive need to communicate combined with a strong sense of privacy. (Surely the inventor of the locked diary had Pluto in the third house.)

i Pluto in the fourth house: One of your parents was a force to be reckoned with; dealing with the psychological fallout is your Plutonian task. Your greatest transformations come through your family and home.

i Pluto in the fifth house: You become obsessed with romance. Yet no matter how hard you try to manipulate your lover, the person most altered by the liaison is you. Power struggles spring up around children. Creative endeavors are transformative for you. Gambling is addictive.

i Pluto in the sixth house: You have great focus and drive, and you may have healing abilities. Because your desire for power is focused on work, you may overdo it and work to the point of obsession. Your job must have meaning or your health may suffer. You need purpose.

i Pluto in the seventh house: Relationship and obsession go hand in hand with you, and marriage is a testing ground. You attract a commanding partner whose influence causes you to change in profound ways. Maintaining your sense of self in the presence of this powerful being isn't easy. Business partnerships offer similar challenges.

i Pluto in the eighth house: Life after death, extrasensory perception, and all occult subjects fascinate you, and you gain wisdom through those channels. You're intuitive, perceptive, and deeply serious. You must grapple with the truly big issues in life, including the troublesome feelings that surround sex, money, and death.

i Pluto in the ninth house: Philosophy, religion, and the law attract and strengthen you. By immersing yourself in study or becoming passionately involved with people from a culture other than your own, you deepen your understanding. Education and travel are your tickets to transformation, but you must approach them on your own terms.

i Pluto in the tenth house: You're an irresistible force in the political arena. You resent authority figures (starting with one of your parents), and yet you wish to wield authority. When you decide to seek power, you can be a real player. This position favors success.

i Pluto in the eleventh house: Friendship is a charged area for you, especially when young. But ultimately, your friends help shape your dreams and aspirations, and deeply transformative experiences come to you through those relationships.

i Pluto in the twelfth house: You're a private person with a secret life. You shy away from expressing your power, and yet you're fascinated by whatever is going on beneath the surface, especially in your own psyche. Delving into your unconscious brings transformation.

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