Pisces the Fish February 19March

Yours is the sign of dreams, imagination, poetry, and matters of the spirit. Ruled by mysterious Neptune, the planet of glamour and illusion, your challenge is to find a way to live in a workaday world when you have an out-of-this-world sensibility.

The glyph of Pisces (see Figure 7-3) connotes two forms of experience, internal and external. Alternatively, it represents two fish tied together. When they cooperate, they navigate their watery domain with ease. When they pull in opposite directions, neither gets anywhere.

You want sensitive? Pisces is sensitive. Every tiny bounce in the emotional weather sends your internal compass into a spin. Sympathetic and receptive, you receive a constant barrage of impressions and information, and you can be weirdly psychic. But protecting yourself is difficult because you lack boundaries. All your membranes are permeable. When the people upstairs have a fight, you feel battered. When bad things happen to good people, you're horrified. And when good things happen to people you love, you rejoice. (It's one of your most magnificent traits.) You're generous, big-hearted, insightful, and truly compassionate. You're also innately spiritual.

Another strength is your powerful imagination. Your dreams (and daydreams) can be a vivid source of inspiration and even problem-solving. Your intuition is equally powerful. You sense what's going on way before it registers on the seismograph. But you can also become trapped in a web of illusion (see the upcoming section, "The sorry side"). At your intuitive best, your refusal to get hung up on the limitations of reality enables you to leap over obstacles and to make surprising breakthroughs and turnarounds. Unlike more "realistic" signs, you embrace change and are willing to take enormous risks. Often your gambles succeed. When they don't, you're philosophical about it. As Albert Einstein, a prototypical Pisces, said, "A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new."

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