Pisces in Love

Gestures — the moonlit stroll, the mariachi singers — mean the world to you. You're a romantic who wants a cosmically connected, karmically generated, some-enchanted-evening union with a soul mate. Though your intuition is pinpoint accurate at other times, when you're in love you can be amazingly gullible, stunningly dependent, and more demanding than you may realize. Ruled by your emotions, you're also generous, erotic, affectionate, supportive, and kind.

i Pisces + Pisces: Same-sign unions are a mixed blessing because they magnify both the strengths and the weaknesses of the sign. Two dreamy Pisceans can communicate in ways that other signs can't even imagine. But practicality eludes you. Does that matter? Ultimately, it probably does. Example: George Harrison and Patti Boyd. (When their marriage crumbled, she wed his Aries friend, Eric Clapton.)

If you fall for a Pisces, be romantic. Pisces wants to be swept away, but not a la Tarzan and Jane. Being too aggressive may work short term (Pisces can be passive), but over the long run, it won't sit well. Pisces wants love to mean a coming together of twin souls, two companions against the slings and arrows of everyday life. Pisces also wants sentimental gifts, candlelit dinners, Valentine's remembrances, the whole bit. What Pisces doesn't want is advice. No matter how you phrase it, Pisces hears it as criticism, so lay off.

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