Opening a Business

Launching a business isn't so different from starting a marriage, and some of the same rules apply. To wit:

i Make sure that Mercury, the planet that rules contracts, isn't retrograde. The same goes for Venus, the planet of money.

i Start your enterprise on or shortly after a New Moon. A New Moon in your second house (or in Taurus) is ideal if the business is primarily financial or if it involves material objects. (A New Moon in the second house is also the right time to ask for a raise.) A New Moon in your sixth house (or in Virgo) is perfect if your business is service-oriented. And a New Moon in the tenth house (or in Capricorn) supports public awareness of your business and guarantees that you'll be recognized in your field.

i Look for beneficial aspects (sextiles and trines) between Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn rules structures and organizations; Jupiter rules luck and expansion. You want them working together. Avoid squares and oppositions involving those two planets.

An astrological calendar can tell you when an aspect is exact or at its peak. But an aspect between two planets often creates a buzz even before the crucial moment, when the aspect is approaching. It's like Christmas: You can feel it in the air well in advance of the actual day. Afterwards, the energy diminishes quickly. I suggest that you scan ahead in your calendar to see if any major aspects are approaching. Be aware that if you open your business on a Wednesday, and Thursday there's an opposition between Saturn and Jupiter, you'll feel the tension.

i To make sure that your brainchild gets noticed, launch your enterprise — by which I mean put up your shingle, cut the ribbon, sign the articles of incorporation, shake hands with your partner — around midday. That way, you can be sure that there are planets near the top of the chart. Win or lose, you won't go unnoticed.

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