Neptune in the Houses

The house that Neptune inhabits in your horoscope tells you where you can access the most profound level of intuition — and where you're prone to deception.

i Neptune in the first house: You're impressionable, dreamy, and fluid. Your intuition is acute, but you can easily become dependent. You confuse and fascinate people; they aren't sure who you are or what you're up to because your identity seems to shift. There's a good chance that you have musical or artistic ability.

i Neptune in the second house: You have an intuitive sense of how to make money. You can even earn money through spiritual pursuits. But you also have the ability to be defrauded because you haven't a clue about the mechanics of saving money, and as a result, your financial affairs are likely to be chaotic. Hire a responsible earth sign to help.

i Neptune in the third house: You're impressionable, imaginative, and highly sensitive to language. Persuasive but easily distracted, you soak up knowledge and have poetic ability. You're also gullible — and no one knows how to fool you better than your brothers and sisters.

i Neptune in the fourth house: The members of your family are an unusual lot. Their influence is powerful and subtle, and you find it difficult to separate from them. You may have inherited psychic ability.

i Neptune in the fifth house: You're artistic and sensitive, but you find it difficult to focus your creativity. Platonic relationships and secret affairs may characterize your romantic life, and you're drawn to people who mystify you. Your children (should you conquer your ambivalence about that subject and decide to become a parent) are likely to be impressionable and gentle, and you have a strong psychic tie with them.

i Neptune in the sixth house: You tend to get caught in the web of office politics, and the physical aspects of regular jobs — the fluorescent lights, the hideous decor — make you long for escape. Job possibilities exist in film, pharmacology, music, fashion, and anything connected to the sea. Keep in mind that your health complaints are seldom solved through Western-style medicine. Doctors have difficulty diagnosing you, and you do better with more intuitive healing styles.

i Neptune in the seventh house: Moody people and artistic souls attract you. You seek your spiritual soul mate, but in your confusion about relationships, you may sacrifice yourself to an image or ideal that has nothing to do with your actual partner. Idealism about relationships is wonderful, but only when it's tempered with realism.

il Neptune in the eighth house: Séances, Ouija boards, extrasensory perception, and all forms of communication with the great beyond attract you. You consider sex a spiritual exercise. But you may trust your instincts too much, especially when it comes to your money and your partner. Be careful in business partnerships.

i Neptune in the ninth house: Mystical religions and spiritual journeys are your cup of chai. You want desperately to identify a specific spiritual path, but it won't happen that way, for visionary Neptune will take you in many directions. You're also a sensitive teacher.

i Neptune in the tenth house: By choosing a profession that requires you to tap into your intuition, you find the success you covet. Following a profession just because you think it's practical (as if you would know) is a waste of time. Here are two career problems you may face: You tend to drift, and you seldom assert yourself.

I Neptune in the eleventh house: You have shifting ideals and vague aspirations, along with a large collection of inspiring, talented friends who may have drug and alcohol problems. Unfortunately, you tend to see what you want to see in your friends. Joining a spiritual organization could help you to see straight.

l Neptune in the twelfth house: You're empathetic, contemplative, reclusive, and probably psychic. You receive a continual flow of messages from your unconscious. Metaphysics, dreams, and secrets fascinate you, and you're highly responsive to those in need. Your creative efforts are best accomplished in private, and solitude is necessary for your peace of mind.

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