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If the Moon and Venus form a major aspect, your emotional needs and your need for love and beauty are intertwined.

l Conjunction: A great lover of comfort, you're responsive, appealing, kind, creative, and pleasant to be around. Your mood depends on your relationships, and you can get all wrapped up in the game of love.

l Harmonious aspects: You express your affections easily. You're a likable person with good taste and finely developed romantic sensibilities, even if you do occasionally stumble into the pit of self-indulgence.

l Hard aspects: Your love affairs travel a bumpy road of conflict and emotional frustration. Some people react by withdrawing, others by becoming demanding and possessive. Either way, you can't help feeling that you have to work harder than other people to get what you want.


If you have a major aspect between the Moon and Mars, you're assertive about the way you express your emotions.

I Conjunction: You're emotionally intense, impatient, and quick to anger. You let people know how you feel, and you aren't always diplomatic about it.

I Harmonious aspects: Courageous, energetic, helpful, and direct, you're a risk-taker who's always ready to jump into new situations.

I Hard aspects: Rash, defensive, and sometimes volatile, you're impulsive, competitive, and bossy. You don't hold back from expressing your emotions, and your fluctuating moods can stir up conflict. No matter what face you show the world, anger is an issue you must address.


The Moon wants to pour out her feelings, while extravagant Jupiter says "More is more" — which makes for a potent emotional cocktail.

I Conjunction: You're warm, optimistic, considerate, and empathetic, a person of huge feeling even if you do occasionally promise more than you can deliver. You have faith in your own abilities. You feel best when possibilities are multiplying and your universe is expanding.

I Harmonious aspects: You're highly responsive, gentle, and supportive: a genuine human being.

I Hard aspects: It's all or nothing with you. You're ecstatic or grief-stricken, blissed out or on the verge of collapse. In short, you have trouble controlling your feelings and you tend to go overboard.


Saturn is the planet of restraint, and the Moon is all about unbridled emotions. This pair could be called "Sense and Sensibility."

l Conjunction: The past has a strong hold on you. You may suffer from self-doubt as a result of a less-than-warm relationship with your mother. Fortunately, you wield the weapon of self-control. Common sense helps you focus your feelings in a positive way.

I Harmonious aspects: Disciplined and sensible, you make a mighty effort to control your emotions, and you generally succeed. This explains how daredevil Evel Knievel and horror writer Stephen King can do what they do.

I Hard aspects: A history of emotional deprivation makes you hesitant and self-conscious. Though pessimism, repressed emotions, and difficulties with women may distress you, your understanding grows with maturity, as does your ability to find happiness and contentment.


There's never a dull moment when the emotional Moon pairs up with the planet of unpredictability.

1 Conjunction: Impulsive and excitable, you react in unconventional ways, attract unusual experiences, and may suffer from unpredictable mood swings. This is a volatile combination.

1 Harmonious aspects: You rebel against restriction and convention, pride yourself on your independence, and value your autonomy, even within relationships. You're attracted to stimulating, exciting people and unusual situations.

1 Hard aspects: Talented and easily distracted, you can't stand feeling constrained. You get worked up easily and from time to time you stir up (or attract) a crisis. To maintain your independence, you may unconsciously distance yourself from others.


The Moon harbors the most sensitive, private side of your personality, while Neptune cloaks everything in mystery. Together this pair can sensitize your imagination — or lead you into an emotional fog.

1 Conjunction: You pick up on the slightest emotional clues and often feel overwhelmed, drained, or self-pitying. You're vulnerable and kind, with strong spiritual needs, definite psychic potential, and an active dream life. This aspect indicates imagination and creative talent. It can also produce a tendency toward escapism, alcoholism, and drug abuse.

1 Harmonious aspects: Compassionate, intuitive, and caring, you find it difficult to say no. Although this aspect increases your creativity, harnessing it can be difficult because you're inclined to float off on a daydream. Turning fantasy into reality involves work — and that can be a problem for you.

1 Hard aspects: You struggle with wishful thinking, irrational fears (such as hypochondria), and emotional instability, not to mention drug and alcohol abuse. But you're also sensitive, creative, and receptive.


Pluto lends intensity to the emotional issues governed by the Moon. A major aspect between these two means that your feelings are deep and your perceptions are laser-sharp.

1 Conjunction: You're magnetic, controlling, possessive, intense, and compulsive. You resist minor changes. But when it's time for major changes, you understand the need and do just fine.

1 Harmonious aspects: You handle big changes with ease. You have deep emotions and a compelling need, from time to time, to purge yourself of old feelings. Doing so brings relief.

1 Hard aspects: You're inhibited about expressing your emotions, and you tend to hold back. People struggle to gain your trust, and you may manipulate situations in an effort to gain the upper hand. Occasionally, domestic upheavals and power struggles rock your life.

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