Mercury Uranus

Mercury represents the way you think, while Uranus is a lightning rod that attracts inspiration from out of the blue. Depending on how the two interact, they can bring out the brilliant inventor, the mad scientist, or the talkative eccentric from down the street.

1 Conjunction: This is the Eureka! aspect — you're a progressive thinker prone to sudden insights and startling ideas. You have an unconventional mind, a novel way of expressing yourself, and even a touch of genius.

1 Harmonious aspects: Unusual ideas excite you. Your mind is inventive, unconstrained, and bright, and you express yourself in a lively and original way.

i Hard aspects: Sometimes brilliant, sometimes just nervous and impatient, you have an erratic mind. You rebel against authority, routine, and convention, and in so doing you create tension and conflict. You also have a spontaneous, ingenious intellect that can take you far.

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