Mars Uranus

Impatient Mars and unpredictable Uranus: the original bad-boy combination of the zodiac. These two just can't help stirring up trouble.

1 Conjunction: You're unrestrained and determined, with unconventional sexual attitudes, unusual desires, and great drive. But your energy is erratic, and you may be accident-prone.

1 Harmonious aspects: Nervous and outspoken, you pursue unusual goals, seek the new, and react quickly. But do you use your considerable energy in constructive ways, or do you fritter it away? Luckily, you have the choice.

1 Hard aspects: You're a risk-taker and a free spirit whose rebellious ways can disrupt everything around you. At its worst, this aspect stimulates truly ridiculous acting-out behavior; at its creative best, it encourages independence and adventure.

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