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The position of Mars by house tells you where you're most likely to act on impulse, take risks, and pursue your personal desires.

1 Mars in the first house: Vigorous and passionate, you initiate activities, sometimes impulsively, and your passions (and anger) are obvious to all. This position gives you great vitality along with an assertive personality and can be a sign of the warrior.

1 Mars in the second house: Competitive, acquisitive, and practical, you feel happy when you can focus on a concrete goal. You want to be rewarded for your efforts — and not only with praise. Money and material objects do the trick more effectively than mere words.

1 Mars in the third house: You have a vigorous, independent, and sometimes argumentative mind, and you call things as you see them — even if that means jumping to conclusions. With your razor-sharp wit, you're impatient and easily distracted, and you can be aggressive in conversation.

1 Mars in the fourth house: You try to make up for a difficult childhood by focusing on your domestic life. Highly protective of home and family, you're an independent person with a sturdy constitution and an inborn vitality. Family matters consume you, but be careful not to create a home environment filled with fighting and dissension.

1 Mars in the fifth house: Impulsive, excitable, and highly sexed, you're active and fun-loving, and you take pleasure in initiating creative projects. You're also very involved with your offspring, whether they're literal flesh-and-blood babies or children of your imagination. Although you can be impatient and competitive, you enjoy playing games, athletic or otherwise, and are energized by risk-taking.

1 Mars in the sixth house: Work excites you (even if it exhausts you). You're efficient, skilled, and precise, with great physical vitality, mechanical skills, and a love for the tools of your trade. A dull job distresses you, and constricting organizational rules make you angry and rebellious. On the other hand, a challenge, even if it involves a gamble, stimulates you. Guard against overwork and get plenty of exercise.

1 Mars in the seventh house: Partnerships energize you, but that doesn't mean you have an easy time with them. When a relationship isn't going well, you bravely confront the issues, making Mars in the seventh house the position of kiss-and-make-up. Alternatively, you may attract an aggressive partner.

1 Mars in the eighth house: You have powerful desires, with determination and sexual charisma to burn. A skilled researcher, you may be attracted to healing arts and occult subjects. Financial wheeling and dealing may also fascinate you, though money and inheritances can be a source of conflict. Because this position stimulates a yearning for intense experience, you fearlessly take steps that more sensible souls avoid. This placement can bring a degree of wildness, making you irresistible to others — and an occasional danger to yourself.

1 Mars in the ninth house: You're a passionate idealist and an independent thinker with strong convictions, broad goals, and a desire to see the world. Ideas motivate you, and you're at home in the realms of law, religion, and education. But you can slip into fanaticism and must guard against becoming intolerant.

i Mars in the tenth house: A demanding, exciting career fills you with energy. You'd like to be famous, but more than that, you'd like to be involved in some grand effort, something that takes strategy and wits — like a war, a social protest movement, or the making of an epic film. Ambitious and aggressive, you want to make an impact on the world.

i Mars in the eleventh house: Your friends stimulate you and help you achieve your aspirations. In a group, you rise to a leadership position. But you can also be unreasonably demanding and may unconsciously create conflicts or be drawn to quarrelsome individuals.

i Mars in the twelfth house: Other people may not understand who you are because much of your energy, anger, and passion is hidden. You're hesitant to reveal these aspects of yourself, and as a result, you may feel unrecognized. Nonetheless, spending time alone revitalizes you, and you're extremely effective when you're working behind the scenes.

The Mars effect

It has long been an embarrassment to astrologers that so little research has been done in the discipline. One significant piece of astrological research was conducted in the 1950s, by Michel Gauquelin, a French statistician who explored astrology in his youth, and his wife, Françoise. They set out to prove that astrology had no basis in scientific fact. They examined the birth charts of over 20,000 people, and what they found was astrology at its finest. They didn't announce that Sagittarians were better horseback riders or that Capricorns were better CEOs — nothing that obvious. Instead, they unearthed a link between professional success and planets located near the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, or I.C.

Specifically, they found that angular Jupiter appeared more often than statistically probable in the charts of successful actors; angular Moon showed up in writers' charts; angular Venus turned up in the charts of painters and musicians; angular Saturn appeared in the charts of doctors and scientists; and angular Mars showed up in the charts of champion athletes. Two positions were the most powerful:

Those close to the Midheaven (in either the ninth house or the first ten degrees of the tenth house) and those close to the Ascendant (in either the twelfth house or the first ten degrees of the first house).

Many people tried to disprove this association, and controversy raged over statistical methods. Ultimately, the phenomenon held up and became known as the Mars effect. Athletes who have an angular Mars include Tiger Woods, Muhammad Ali, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon (and yes, in my opinion, he counts as an athlete).

Not every successful professional has one of these placements. The absence of an angular planet doesn't in any way doom you to failure. But if, perchance, Mars (or any other planet) happens to occupy the angular Gauquelin zones in your chart, that planet should be considered especially robust. In the case of Mars, it may not bestow you with the ability to outdo Shaquille O'Neal (whose Mars is in the first house). But it should at least give you a certain swagger.

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