Making the Most of Momentous Lunar Influences

The Moon cruises through the zodiac faster than any other planet, so worrying about it as it spins through one sign after another can drive you crazy. Most transits of the Moon make no difference whatsoever and can be safely ignored. Nevertheless, a few monthly lunar transits offer opportunities that are too valuable to miss. Here are the top five monthly influences:

^ The Moon in your Sun sign: Your personal power is at its peak. You are your most charismatic self during these few days, making them a fine time to schedule important meetings, blind dates, or anything that requires you to be at your outgoing best.

^ The Moon in the sign opposite your Sun sign: Your personal power is weak. You're at the beck and call of others, and your plans are likely to be scuttled or interrupted. Expect interference.

^ The Moon in your Moon sign: Your emotions flow freely, whether you want them to or not. You're more sensitive and easily hurt than usual, but you're also more attuned to emotional subtleties and unconscious motivations. Listen to your intuition.

^ Dark of the Moon: At the end of the lunar cycle, the Moon is so close to the Sun that it's invisible. During this period of decrease, attempts to launch new ventures fizzle, and hopelessness often abounds. Instead of exerting yourself in a fruitless attempt to influence events, put the finishing touches on undertakings that are nearing conclusion. Also, get plenty of sleep, secure in the knowledge that the New Moon means a fresh start.

^ New Moon: Make wishes, set goals, and inaugurate new projects.

Finally, I want to mention one other momentous lunar influence: the eclipse. If you've ever watched an eclipse, you know how eerie it can be. A solar eclipse, which takes place during a New Moon, literally turns day to night. A lunar eclipse, which happens during the Full Moon, seems to erase the Moon from the sky. No wonder ancient people told so many myths about them.

Followers of astrology also have myths, one of which is that eclipses always bring bad news. That's flat out false. But people are afraid of change, and change is what eclipses are about. When an eclipse — or a series of eclipses — hits your chart, it brings a burst of cosmic energy that can shake things up. I've seen eclipses usher in hideous divorces, and I've seen them bring true love. Eclipses slam some doors shut — and open others. And sometimes, they do nothing much at all . . . until later. An eclipse can have a delayed effect.

A good astrological calendar will tell you when — and where — to expect an eclipse. Notice its location by sign and by house. Those are the areas where change is on its way.

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