Looking Out for Retrograde Venus

In Meso-American astrology, Venus ruled. The Aztecs and Mayans kept careful note of its rising and setting, its arrival as the morning star and as the evening star, its regular disappearances, and its intervals of retrograde motion, which occur every year and a half for about six weeks. According to Aztec astrologers, those retrograde weeks were dangerous times, especially in the political arena. Astrologers today generally see retrograde Venus as a time of uncertainty, distraction, misinterpretation, passivity, and unfulfilled desires in two areas: romance and finance.

It sounds bad, yet in reality, the effects are subtle. It seems to me that life is too short to worry excessively about this particular transit. In a strange way, I even find it comforting. For example, if your love life is less than spectacular — if it's nonexistent — then retrograde Venus gives you license to forget about it for a while and turn your mind to other matters. What a relief.

ëI do, however, have two iron-clad pieces of advice:

¡^ Don't get married when Venus is retrograde (unless both you and your intended have retrograde Venus in your birth chart).

¡^ Don't make any major financial commitments when Venus is retrograde — especially for a loan, a mortgage, a fur coat, an original piece of artwork, an emerald ring (emerald is the gem of Taurus, which Venus rules), or anything beloved by Venus (except for flowers, chocolates, and valentines).

Table 18-2 tells you when (and where) Venus is retrograde from 2007 to 2012. (2008 and 2011 aren't listed because Venus doesn't go retrograde during these years.)

Table 18-2

Retrograde Venus





July 27-Sept. 8

Virgo-16° Leo


Mar. 6-Apr. 17

15° Aries-29° Pisces


Oct. 8-Nov. 18

13° Scorpio-27° Libra


May 15-June 27

23° Gemini-7° Gemini

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