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You're gregarious, attractive, and a natural flirt. Born to be mated, you're restrained in public, amorous in private, and thoroughly identified with the object of your affection. As a single person, you're romantic, charming, and popular. But being part of a duo is essential to your fulfillment, and ultimately you're happy to leave the dating life behind.

i Libra + Libra: The downside to this duo is that if you feel ambivalent about the same issues, you can flounder in indecision forever. Otherwise, you're both creative, courteous, logical, and likable. This is a conversation that never stops. Example: Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon.

i Libra + Scorpio: Although these two signs share a longing for romance, Scorpio craves emotional intensity and melodrama, while even-handed Libra yearns for serenity. Unless Libra has planets in Scorpio, the initial attraction is strong, but the long-term connection isn't.

i Libra + Sagittarius: Though the independent Archer's need for adventure may cause Libra a few jealous moments, Libra's charm reels the wandering gypsy back in. A fine pairing despite the weirdness of this example: Soon-yi Previn (Libra) and Woody Allen (Sagittarius).

i Libra + Capricorn: Old-fashioned romance appeals to you both, and you adore being part of a couple. But you both tend to repress emotions. When issues arise, as they inevitably do, the challenge is to admit that there's a problem and to deal with it.

1 Libra + Aquarius: You could talk all night. Your mental connection is extraordinary. Other aspects of love leave something to be desired. Look for a strong Mars/Venus tie. John Lennon (Libra) and Yoko Ono (Aquarius) didn't have that planetary bond. But her Ascendant in his Sun sign and his Moon in her Sun sign helped knit them together.

1 Libra + Pisces: You seem to be soul mates, but you aren't. Mysterious Pisces is a seething mass of soul, and Libra, though temptingly romantic on the surface, is cool, calm, and uncomfortable with emotions. After a while, the sensitive Fish feels ignored, while Libra, never the energy capital of the zodiac, feels exhausted.

In love with a Libra? Be smart, stylish, cultured, and good-looking. Take Libra to scenic places — Libra melts in the presence of natural beauty. Try not to be needy (Libra responds only when it matters, so don't cry wolf) or jealous (Libra flirts like mad and attracts admirers everywhere). And don't be loud or lewd: Libra can't stand it. They can stand healthy disagreement, though. In fact, they often thrive on it. That's because Libra is actually looking for a relationship, not a clone.

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100 Flirting Tips

100 Flirting Tips

Flirting is playful in nature, which is practiced by a person in order to express his or her interest in another individual, either romantically or sexually. There are ways to flirt subtlety and there are also ways of flirting that can be obvious at times. You can flirt with the use of your eyes, body language, touch, tone of your voice, or a combination of the mentioned behaviors.

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