Leo in Love

Uninhibitedly sexual, you're romantic, generous, witty, manipulative, loyal, and, despite your confident appearance, desperately in need of love. When someone wins your heart, you want that person in your life forever. But you demand to be wooed in just the right way, insist on holding the reins of power, and can be interfering and controlling. Despite your bad behavior, you're so radiant and likable that you get away with everything.

1 Leo + Leo: You have big, theatrical personalities, and your house is filled with laughter. But you also have big, thirsty egos in need of constant infusions of applause and praise. Sexually, you're dynamite. Still, the question remains: Who's the king of this castle? A tough call. Example: Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith.

1 Leo + Virgo: Flamboyant Leo makes grand gestures; uptight Virgo focuses on details. This isn't an easy duo. Ideally, one or both of you has at least one planet in the other's sign to bridge the considerable distance between you. Example: Jennifer Lopez (Leo with Venus in Virgo) and Marc Anthony (Virgo with Mars in Leo).

1 Leo + Libra: Libra is a flirt; Leo likes to play games — it works. Though Leo is more dramatic than even-tempered Libra, these two stimulate and delight each other. Example: Zelda (Leo) and F. Scott Fitzgerald (Libra).

1 Leo + Scorpio: Leo blazes, Scorpio burns; both are drama queens. Fiery, intense, entertaining, and involving, this passionate, complicated alliance generates good times and major battles — fire and ice. Examples: Ted Hughes (Leo) and Sylvia Plath (Scorpio), Arnold Schwarzenegger (Leo) and Maria Shriver (Scorpio), Bill (Leo) and Hillary Rodham Clinton (Scorpio).

1 Leo + Sagittarius: This fiery, exuberant combo offers laughter galore, an abundance of passion, and shared adventures in the world at large. Loyal Leo, who wants to do everything together, should remember that free-wheeling Sagittarius needs to be let off the leash once in a while, and upfront Sagittarius has to get used to the fact that melodramatic Leo needs to be a star.

1 Leo + Capricorn: Flamboyant Leo loves grand gestures, overstated emotions, and dramatic scenarios. Conservative Capricorn prefers to stay cool by underplaying his or her reactions. But they both adore luxurious surroundings and the finer things in life. If you have plenty of money, this match can work.

1 Leo + Aquarius: If expressive Leo can accept the Water Bearer's eccentric ways (and friends) and if freedom-loving Aquarius has no problem showering the needy Lion with adoration, this can be a match. Leo must also give up some control though, because Aquarius resists being marshaled into someone else's plan.

1 Leo + Pisces: Pisces is bewitched by the fiery confidence of the audacious Lion, who in turn is swept away by the expressive, impractical Fish. Initially, quixotic Pisces feels protected by Leo (who wants to make everything okay). But in the end, the Fish (who has screwed things up in a way that Leo can scarcely believe) feels criticized and judged. Leave this relationship alone.

To capture the heart of a Leo, look great, exude confidence, and open your wallet. Leo expects flowers after the first date, and after that the stakes rise. It's not a matter of greed; Leo just wants to be sure of your feelings. So don't think that you can get away with second-class goods — Leo knows the difference. Plus, Leo is a glutton for affection, attention, and compliments. You can't be too brazen — Leo frogs think they're princes; Leo princes think they're kings; Leo kings think they're gods. You can't lay it on too thick.

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