Jupiter Uranus

Surprises abound when benevolent Jupiter meets Uranus, the planet of the unexpected. Uranus adds a maverick twist to Jupiter's open-hearted enthusiasm and ability to attract opportunities.

l Conjunction: You're an idealistic person who benefits from taking risks. Somehow, despite your extravagant ways, you're in the right place at the right time. This is the aspect of unusual opportunities and sudden good fortune — but, as with everything that Uranus touches, it may not come in the form you would expect.

1 Harmonious aspects: Alert and creative, you have an original mind and you respond to opportunities that are exciting and off-beat.

1 Hard aspects: The predetermined path and the required courses are distasteful to you. You make startling choices and may suffer when your impulsive decisions turn out to be less than prudent. You're a natural rebel.


Extravagant Jupiter encourages impressionable Neptune to dream big. This aspect enhances imagination, idealism, and spirituality.

1 Conjunction: Your spirituality, idealism, and financial well-being benefit from this aspect. But be careful that your friendly, sympathetic attitude doesn't blind you to reality. While you're blessed with a certain amount of sheer good luck, you may suffer from vagueness, self-delusion, and the tendency to zone out.

1 Harmonious aspects: You're compassionate, gentle, insightful, creative, and lucky, with an innate attraction to spiritual pursuits.

1 Hard aspects: You tend to scatter your efforts, you can be way too gullible, and your refusal to face reality can drive your friends to drink (a substance you should be careful not to abuse). This aspect can bring money and talent, especially of the musical variety. You may also be unrealistically idealistic, and pie-in-the-sky thinking can be a problem.


Jupiter brings opportunities and expands whatever it touches — the good and the bad alike. Pluto represents the journey inward and the power of transformation.

1 Conjunction: When these two planets are cheek by jowl, you have strong convictions and can become a powerful agent of change. One example: Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, who has this conjunction in the third house of communication.

1 Harmonious aspects: When times of change roll around, you have the confidence to respond, and you generally benefit. You're well-organized and a powerful leader.

1 Hard aspects: You want to change the world. At your best, you bravely confront the most fearsome of Goliaths — and win. But you harbor a secret desire for power, and you can be ruthless, suspicious, self-destructive, and fanatical. This is a powerful aspect that appears in the charts of powerful people.

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