Jupiter in the Houses

Jupiter's position by house determines the areas of life that are most bountiful for you — the places where benefits come most effortlessly and also the areas where you may become too complacent.

i Jupiter in the first house: You have an expansive, charismatic personality that naturally draws people to you. You may also have a tendency to gain weight.

i Jupiter in the second house: Money and prosperity come your way, often in the form of windfalls. The only downside is that your desire to spend may outweigh your ability to earn, so be prudent — if you can.

i Jupiter in the third house: Talkative and hungry for information, you're intelligent and well-informed, though you run the risk of filling your mind to the brim with tabloid gossip. You benefit from travel, reading, and the company of your brothers and sisters.

i Jupiter in the fourth house: You're a generous person who opens your home to others. Comfortable, even luxurious, housing comes your way, and you have a knack for making your home an agreeable, sustaining place to be. Life improves as you grow older, and in old age, you're surrounded by comfort.

i Jupiter in the fifth house: Having fun yet? If you have this placement, the answer is probably yes. This placement brings a profusion of romantic affairs, a love of entertainment, the ability to have fun even in difficult circumstances, and a joyous creativity. Although not everyone with this placement becomes a parent, those who do derive great satisfaction from it.

i Jupiter in the sixth house: Finding the right work is essential to your happiness, and you like to be of service. In a satisfying job, you're a devoted employee (or a happy entrepreneur) who gets along famously with colleagues. But you suffer from a tendency to overlook the details, and you may become a workaholic. In work and in health, you need to avoid excesses.

i Jupiter in the seventh house: You're sociable and easy to be around. Marriage and business partnerships are favored by this placement, and you have multiple opportunities to form alliances. Even in an age of divorce, people with this placement marry for life.

i Jupiter in the eighth house: Financially, you stand to gain from investments, insurance, inheritances, and businesses that you enter into with other people. You have a strong sex drive, a deep interest in the process of personal change, and excellent powers of recuperation.

i Jupiter in the ninth house: You have an expansive, optimistic attitude toward life. A natural teacher with a philosophical bent, you want to see it all and understand it all. You benefit from anything that expands your horizons, such as travel, education, religion, and publishing.

i Jupiter in the tenth house: With a little effort, you can fulfill your desire for recognition. You have natural leadership ability; people want to assist you, and you thrive in the public eye. This position brings success, prominence, and even fame.

i Jupiter in the eleventh house: You're open-minded, congenial, helpful, and fair. You work effectively with others, you know a zillion people, and your friends adore you. Large ambitions bring out the best in you. Success comes through group enterprises.

i Jupiter in the twelfth house: You're sympathetic, introspective, and generous. You may have psychic abilities but may suffer from a tendency to overextend yourself. Solitude and spiritual pursuits calm you down and prepare you for your forays into the world.

Saturn in the Houses

Saturn's position by house determines those areas of life in which you feel the pinch of limitation and will benefit from establishing boundaries, creating structures, and practicing self-discipline.

i Saturn in the first house: You're self-conscious and afraid of being hurt. You worry what people think of you, and as a result you may cloak your personality in defensive armor. Beneath your cautious exterior, you're a complicated, serious person, well worth the effort of getting to know. But you don't make it easy.

i Saturn in the second house: You worry about the practical side of life, and money is an issue, whether you're frugal or a spendthrift. Even when dealing with emotional concerns, you're aware of the practical implications. You'd like to win the lottery, but it's unlikely to happen (and if it did, it could bring you more trouble than it's worth). Instead, you can gain the security you seek through your own hard work.

i Saturn in the third house: You have a conscientious, contemplative mind and the ability to explore a subject in depth. Communication issues, whether in speech or in writing, are paramount. You have complicated relationships with your brothers and sisters, and sibling rivalry may be an issue for you.

i Saturn in the fourth house: Although your family is extremely important to you, you feel alienated from them (and perhaps from one parent in particular). Finding ways to interact successfully with family members (or simply to understand them) requires effort. Owning your own home is a gratifying source of identity and security.

i Saturn in the fifth house: You take a serious approach to playful things, and it's difficult for you to lighten up. You don't flirt easily and are more comfortable dating people who are older and more serious. Creativity is important to you, but because you may fear that you aren't talented, you may suppress your artistic urges. Or, you may rise to the challenge of Saturn and bring structure to your creative life. (Some people with this placement become professional artists.) As a parent, you're responsible and committed.

I Saturn in the sixth house: In your work, you're reliable, exacting, and efficient. If you have the courage to insist on doing something you love, you find fulfillment through your work. In your daily life, you pay equally close attention to your chores and responsibilities, but you're a big-time worrier, especially about your health. Reassure yourself by getting regular checkups.

i Saturn in the seventh house: You take a serious approach to marriage, but you may also shy away from it. If you overcome your fears of intimacy, you can create a long-lived, solid relationship. You'll be most comfortable with an older partner who's responsible and sober-minded.

l Saturn in the eighth house: You have great psychological insight. Your challenge is to overcome your fear of death and to face your sexual issues, which can range anywhere from total inhibition to emotionless promiscuity. Also, you're both cautious and skilled in making money — which is fortunate, because the chances are high that you'll marry someone who has financial problems.

l Saturn in the ninth house: You're a thoughtful person with wide-ranging intelligence. You're attracted to large ideas — philosophy or religion, for example — and your thorough exploration of them makes you a natural educator, writer, publisher, or lawyer.

l Saturn in the tenth house: You're responsible, ambitious, and persevering. This placement generally indicates great success, but you can also be arrogant, and you have to pay your dues before you achieve the recognition that's ultimately yours. One of your parents (most likely your father) may have been especially difficult.

l Saturn in the eleventh house: You expect great things of yourself, and you set ambitious goals, even if you fear that you aren't up to them. Fortunately, you have excellent organizational abilities and great determination, and you can mobilize the help you need. You don't make friends lightly, but the friendships you do form are long-lasting and consequential.

l Saturn in the twelfth house: Many people would be astonished to know that beneath your helpful surface, you wrestle with fear, pessimism, insecurity, loneliness, and guilt. Although you're used to working by yourself or behind the scenes, your fears become most terrifying when you're alone. You avoid solitude — and yet it's essential to your welfare. Your task is to find ways to be comfortable with it.

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