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M M/hen I was in college, I picked up my first astrology book virtually by accident, and my understanding of life was transformed. The book — it was one of many by Zolar, a name used by a succession of astrological writers — described the people I knew with uncanny accuracy based solely on their sign, which is determined by the position of the Sun. My parents, my roommate, my so-called boyfriend — all were there, in stunning detail. During those first few hours, I discovered that, all by itself, the Sun sign is amazingly revealing.

Later, I realized that an astrological chart is as complicated as a long-running soap opera (and in the hands of a skilled astrologer, almost as predictable). A chart includes the Sun, the Moon, eight planets, twelve houses, and more. But the core of almost every horoscope is the Sun.

In this part, you can check out of the implications of your Sun sign. Whether it's a fire sign, an earth sign, an air sign, or a water sign, your Sun sign reveals your intrinsic self and illuminates your chart, just as the blazing Sun dominates the sky.

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