Finding and Understanding Your Descendant

After you've identified your rising sign, you automatically know your Descendant, no calculation required. By definition, the Descendant is always exactly opposite your rising sign. For example, if you have Cancer rising, your Descendant is Capricorn.

A less powerful point than your Ascendant, the Descendant determines the approach you take toward marriage and partnerships. It describes the nature of those relationships in your life, and it indicates the kind of person you're likely to fall for. What's your type? Your Descendant provides the answer:

1 If you have Aries rising: Your Descendant is in Libra. Your ideal relationship is egalitarian, and your perfect partner, unlike yourself, is poised and balanced, a force for harmony — the very quality you need the most.

1 If you have Taurus rising: Your Descendant is Scorpio. Your best possible partner is sexually passionate, emotionally intense, and fully willing to engage in intimate conversation. You probably don't think you want someone who's secretive or manipulative. The evidence suggests otherwise.

1 If you have Gemini rising: Your Descendant is Sagittarius, which suggests that the best partner for you is an independent person of strong beliefs who can expand your world. You romanticize relationships and may marry more than once. But since when is that a crime?

i If you have Cancer rising: Your Descendant is Capricorn, which means that you seek a solid relationship with a partner who's serious, protective, and reliable — an older or more established person who can give you the security you need.

i If you have Leo rising: Your Descendant is Aquarius, which means that although you may think that you want a dazzling, swashbuckling companion, your ideal mate is actually a unique and stimulating freethinker with whom you feel a lively mental connection.

1 If you have Virgo rising: Your Descendant is Pisces, which suggests that your ideal partner is a sympathetic, adaptable person who can help you stop that crazy worrying thing you do. You may dream of someone as organized and efficient as yourself. Notice how you keep not getting it? There's a reason: It's not what you need.

1 If you have Libra rising: Your Descendant is Aries, which suggests that the ideal mate for you is someone with an independent streak and a fiery personality who can stir up your enthusiasms, energize you, and help you deal with conflict.

1 If you have Scorpio rising: Your Descendant is Taurus. The most natural partner for you is down-to-earth, trustworthy, and stubborn enough to resist your considerable blandishments. You may think you want someone who's spicy, complicated, and hot (like yourself). Actually, you'd be better off with someone who's as straightforward and nourishing as a fresh loaf of bread.

1 If you have Sagittarius rising: Your Descendant is Gemini, suggesting that you may postpone commitment out of a fear of being tied down. When you do find the courage, the proper partner for you is an active, multifac-eted person whose conversation is so stimulating that you're never bored.

1 If you have Capricorn rising: Your Descendant is Cancer, which means that you need a warm, supportive mate who can soften you up by giving you the security (and the home-cooked meals) you crave. Traditional relationships are best for you.

1 If you have Aquarius rising: Your Descendant is fiery Leo, suggesting that a relationship offering Leo's passion, vivacity, and personal devotion would counter your airy objectivity and bring you satisfaction. A little pizazz on your partner's side goes a long way to keeping you interested.

1 If you have Pisces rising: Your Descendant is Virgo, which suggests that a mate who's practical, analytical, and meticulous with details would balance your intuitive, dreamy approach to life and help reduce the chaos that you create — or attract — without even half trying.

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