Buying a House

Considering that buying a house is the largest purchase most people will ever make, it's smart to get the planets on your side — beginning with Jupiter, the lord of abundance. Once every 12 years, Jupiter travels through your fourth house. That's the single best influence for investing in real estate.

But maybe you can't wait that long. And maybe you can't wait for the right economic market to come along either. If you need to buy or sell a house now, take these suggestions:

^ Begin the process of buying with a New Moon in your fourth house or a New Moon in Cancer. A Full Moon can also work — especially if you're selling.

^ Make sure the Moon is waxing when you buy a house. If it's in Taurus, Cancer, or the sign that's on the cusp of your fourth house, so much the better. When you sell a house, it's okay if the Moon is waning.

^ Look for auspicious aspects (trines and sextiles) involving the Sun, the Moon, and any planets moving through your fourth house.

^ To make sure that the sale goes through, never sign a contract when Mercury is retrograde — and make sure that the Moon isn't void-of-course.

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