Avoiding the Void

Picture this: The Moon spins into a new sign — let's say Taurus — and begins to connect with the planets. It conjuncts Jupiter in the evening (a splendid sight), trines Venus a few minutes later, squares the Sun the next morning, opposes Mars at noon, conjuncts Saturn during All Things Considered, and then sextiles Mercury. After that . . . nothing: No more major aspects. A few hours later, it enters Gemini, and the process begins anew.

That span, between the Moon's last major aspect in one sign and its entrance into the next, can last anywhere from a few seconds to a day or longer. During that time, the Moon is said to be void-of-course. If the word "void" makes you nervous, you sense the problem. When the Moon is void-of-course, things fall apart and judgment goes awry. Though ordinary activities are unaffected, business deals made during that time tend to crumble, and decisions, however carefully made, turn out to be wrong-headed.

The usual advice for a void-of-course Moon is to postpone anything important (like a job interview, wedding, or presidential campaign) and to avoid jumping into anything new. But let's get real: You'd have to be unnaturally vigilant to live that way. The Moon goes void-of-course every couple of days, and to worry about it on a regular basis is insane. I used to dismiss it entirely. And then one day a publisher called out of the blue, asked me to write a book on a subject I love, and requested a meeting. I agreed to the suggested time even though the Moon was void-of-course. The meeting couldn't have been more exciting. We hit it off perfectly, saw eye to eye on everything, and enthusiastically agreed to terms. Yet the project died. Would it have made a difference if I'd scheduled the meeting for another time? Perhaps not. Nonetheless, after that disappointment I began to pay attention to the void-of-course Moon, and I have found that it does indeed have an effect.

Still, most of the time, I ignore it. But when I'm scheduling an event I care about, launching a long-term enterprise, planning a vital interview, or making a large purchase (cars and appliances count; paperback books don't), I check my handy astrological calendar and — if at all possible — I avoid the void.

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