Aries in Love

Lusty and exuberant, you're passionate, idealistic, and devoted, especially when you're in love. You're also impatient, and you don't like to feel hemmed in. Lovers who try to control your behavior quickly lose favor with you, as do friends who call too often or demand too much intimacy. Here's how you do with other signs of the zodiac:

II Aries + Aries: Think of chili peppers, saxophones, and volcanoes — everything hot. This fast-moving, action-oriented, competitive combo leads to fireworks — both when you want them and when you don't. Example: Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker.

1 Aries + Taurus: The impetuous Ram is feisty, motivated, and hot-to-trot; the steady, stubborn, seductive Bull is unhurried and immovable. As with all next-door-neighbor combinations, the differences in style and tempo can drive you crazy. Example: Spencer Tracy (Aries) and Katharine Hepburn (Taurus).

1 Aries + Gemini: You're both high-spirited and easily bored, with a million interests and a love for activities of all sorts. Aries is straightforward and physical, while inconstant Gemini lives in his or her head. Nonetheless, this is a terrific combo. Example: Warren Beatty (Aries) and Annette Bening (Gemini).

1 Aries + Cancer: You're both dynamic and expressive. Cancer is sensitive and fearful, while hot-tempered Aries is dominating, spontaneous, and courageous. But Aries isn't tuned in emotionally — to the continual frustration of the moody, intuitive Crab.

1 Aries + Leo: Two fire signs together generate a lot of warmth. Except for occasional outbursts of ego by either party, it doesn't get any better than this merry, high-spirited match. Example: Jennifer Garner (Aries) and Ben Affleck (Leo).

1 Aries + Virgo: The rambunctious Ram prefers to leap first and look later; the inhibited Virgin wants to mull things over. Aries says it like it is, direct and to the point; analytical Virgo thinks before speaking and tries to be sensitive (but often fails). Both signs have legitimate complaints about the other. Example: Tabitha (Aries) and Stephen King (Virgo).

1 Aries + Libra: Opposites attract in this combo. Aries brings impassioned energy, curiosity, and enthusiasm to the mix; Libra adds intelligence, courtesy, and charm. Even though the differences between you aren't to be dismissed — Aries is spontaneous and direct while Libra is thoughtful and restrained — this is nonetheless a recipe for romance.

1 Aries + Scorpio: Sexually, this combo is off the charts. But dashing Aries is straightforward, while jealous Scorpio is anything but. As a rule, this pairing is asking for trouble.

1 Aries + Sagittarius: Two fire signs egging each other on makes for a classic high-energy, good-time combo, assuming that you don't burn yourselves out. Even though the fights may be fierce, laughter gets you through — unless it doesn't, in which case neither of you has the patience to patch things up.

1 Aries + Capricorn: The Goat initially gets off on the adventure of being with such a reckless, blustery creature. But Capricorns are relentlessly grown-up, and Rams are perpetual adolescents overflowing with gusto and half-baked plans. Most of the time, the thrill fades.

1 Aries + Aquarius: Although these two signs are sextile, this isn't as happy a duo as you might expect. Visionary Aquarius is thinking about the future; Aries is brash, bold, and be-here-now. A strong Venus/Mars tie can be a big help.

il Aries + Pisces: The fluid, sympathetic Fish can tame the dominating Ram for a while. But what happens at the inevitable moment when emotional Pisces needs a little nurturing? The Ram is on the lam. Protect yourself, Pisces. Look elsewhere.

If you're in love with an Aries, don't be shy, subtle, or hesitant. Flirt boldly. Suggest something casual and spur-of-the-moment. Leave no doubt in Aries' mind that you're interested. If your efforts fall flat, pull back instantly and try being unavailable. Above all, don't beg, plead, or whine. Aries has no patience for small-time behavior or any form of neediness.

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