Aquarius the Water Bearer January 20February

You're an original. With unpredictable Uranus as your ruler, you're progressive, future-oriented, and prone to dazzling flashes of insight. You're also more idiosyncratic than you may realize.

The glyph of Aquarius the Water Bearer (see Figure 6-3) represents the waves of water or, better yet, waves of sound, electricity, and light.

Very much a member of your own generation, you're a natural visionary and a humanitarian of the first order — at least in theory. You have high-minded principles, and you try to live by them. Altruistic and issue-oriented, you believe in the equality of all human beings, and you're interested in everyone, regardless of class, race, age, sexual orientation, or any of the other concerns that shape life today. Exquisitely aware of the impact that those factors can have, you possess the ability (when you so choose) to set them aside and connect with the real human being. The terrible things that happen in the world appall you, the issues of the day animate you, and you aren't one to follow a party line just because that's what your friends believe. You have a capacious brain, and you think for yourself.

A maverick with a lively, inventive mind, you have an off-beat set of interests and habits. Science fiction and technology are Aquarian; so is video art and everything indie. But whether you resonate to those particular areas isn't the point. (After all, not all Sagittarians go horseback riding, and — surprise! — not every Cancer loves to cook.) The point is that you lean into the future, not away from it. Intrigued and unafraid, you're utterly contemporary, a composition in avant-garde. You're also congenial and charismatic. You accumulate a variety of friends (and to your perverse joy, they often disapprove of each other.) Your likeable personality and open-minded intelligence are the draw.

Figure 6-3:

The symbol of Aquarius.


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