Aquarius in Love

A friendly, unconventional sort who's intrigued by everyone, you connect easily but superficially, and you value your freedom. Despite your reputation for bohemian behavior, when you find someone you respect, you willingly make the commitment — which doesn't mean that you intend to give up your independence or your eccentric ways. (Those are forever.) You can be as passionate as anyone else (and kinkier than most), but much as you enjoy it, you aren't a slave to sex. You live in your head.

1 Aquarius + Aquarius: Ah, the people you meet, the causes you support, and the parties you throw. Not to mention the way you decorate your house. You're unfettered, unorthodox, opinionated, and visionary — a couple unlike any other. Mentally, you connect. Romantically, it's another story. But maybe that doesn't matter. Like other air sign combinations, you can easily be swept away on a sea of conversation.

1 Aquarius + Pisces: This match is initially enticing but disappointing in the long run — gentle Pisces is way too sensitive to be with someone as detached and cerebral as the Water Bearer. But don't tell that to Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. He has the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Pisces. She has the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Aquarius. We should all be so lucky.

If you're beguiled by an Aquarius, prepare to meet more eccentrics than you thought existed outside of the Land of Oz. Aquarius collects them. Your mission is to strike the Water Bearer as irreplaceable and fascinating enough to add to the collection. There's no need to present yourself falsely or to iron out the kinks. On the contrary. Be independent (but available). Express your opinions. And be yourself — the more unorthodox, the better. A dozen roses? No, no, no. An invitation to a midnight ramble through the meat-packing district? That could work.

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