Amazing Aspects The Secrets of Cosmic Geometry

In This Chapter

^ Discovering the most important planetary aspects ^ Determining the aspects in your chart ^ Understanding the minor aspects ^ Deciphering the meanings of the aspects

ML nowing the position of the planets by sign and by house isn't enough.

To comprehend the true complexity of an astrological chart, you need to know how the planets interact with each other. That information is revealed by the mathematical angles, or aspects, between the planets.

Consider the case of a woman whose Venus, the planet of love, is located within a few short degrees of Jupiter, the planet of good fortune. That combination makes expressing affection and finding love easy for her. But what if both planets are 90° from Saturn? With that harsh right angle, pessimism and disappointment enter the picture. Now you have a charming individual who easily attracts others yet is never content with them — a person who, like Groucho Marx, doesn't want to be in a club that would have her as a member.

To detect that kind of internal process in your own chart, you need to know the degree of the zodiac that each planet occupies. That information, which is beyond the scope of this book, is easy to get via the Internet. (See Chapter 2 for tips on how to do that.) Once you have a copy of your chart, you're ready to pick out the major aspects in it. Take my word for it: It's a snap.

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