Activating Jupiter

Jupiter spins through the zodiac in slightly fewer than 12 years, spending about a year in each sign. Its transits are among the most eagerly anticipated — and the most disappointing. As the planet of expansion, opportunity, generosity, and prosperity, Jupiter can bring happiness, growth, and success. As the planet flEft flEft of philosophy, religion, and education, it can stimulate an exploration of belief and the pursuit of knowledge. But despite its reputation as the lord of abundance and the bringer of good fortune, Jupiter doesn't necessarily deliver the sweepstake's prize patrol to your door, and people who sit around passively waiting for their wishes to come true under its influence are bound to be dissatisfied. The problem is that while genial Jupiter may lead you right up to the doors of opportunity, it also prompts feelings of contentment and self-indulgence. Instead of trying to push those doors open, many people lean back to enjoy the transit and thereby miss it.

In my experience, a Jupiter transit is a trumpet call to arms. When you see Jupiter poised on the brink of your Sun sign, about to contact your career-oriented Midheaven, or entering your seventh house of marriage, you know that opportunities are available in those arenas. But you have to do your part. To get the most out of Jupiter, make a legitimate effort to learn something, to tackle an old dilemma in a novel way, or to find time for the things you always say you want to do. When you take action under a Jupiter transit, rewards inevitably follow.

A transit can only activate the potential that already exists in your chart.

1 Jupiter conjunct the Sun: Seize the opportunity to branch out during this year of growth, but be warned: If life is going well, you may be tempted to do nothing. If life isn't going your way, you may become disheartened or cynical. Don't let Jupiter lull you into complacency. This is the time to reach out, be generous, and take risks.

1 Jupiter opposite the Sun: Opportunities are available, but you run the risk of overextending yourself, overdramatizing your situation, or simply promising too much.

1 Jupiter conjunct the Moon: This transit brings expanded sensitivity and a greater flow of emotions — which is pleasant if your birth Moon makes mostly harmonious aspects to other planets but exhausting if your Moon is afflicted by squares and oppositions.

1 Jupiter opposite the Moon: Why does every emotional blip — every minor snub, every disappointment, and every little boost — feel utterly seismic? The answer is that, thanks to Jupiter, you're supersensitive, with a tendency to inflate your feelings and overreact.

1 Jupiter conjunct Mercury: Jupiter enlivens your intellect and expands your ability to express yourself. You speak up freely and travel happily.

1 Jupiter opposite Mercury: Seek knowledge. Read vociferously. Write daily. And remember that overconfidence can be a problem. Don't talk too much, and postpone making important decisions.

1 Jupiter conjunct Venus: Your social life blossoms. You express your affections easily, attract love, and enjoy the arts. This fortunate transit even improves your earning ability.

i Jupiter opposite Venus: You're attractive to others, and your social life is active but not necessarily satisfying. Perhaps you're trying too hard. You may also be spending too much.

i Jupiter conjunct Mars: You're courageous, passionate, busy, and filled with vitality. Being assertive produces excellent results.

i Jupiter opposite Mars: You feel energetic but frustrated, and you may find it difficult to repress your hostility. Demands are numerous, and disagreements may arise.

i Jupiter conjunct natal Jupiter: Jupiter circles back to its birth position every 12 years, renewing your optimism. This can be a lucky, adventurous time during which travel, education, and philosophical explorations bring fulfillment. Your efforts to brush past old boundaries pay off, and you have some fun along the way. But beware: Jupiter can also promote self-satisfaction, laziness, and smug indifference.

i Jupiter opposite natal Jupiter: You're in a generous, exuberant mood, but you may be merrier than the situation merits. Watch out for overindulgence.

i Jupiter conjunct Saturn: You may become supremely conscious of your fears and limitations, but they have less of a charge. You find the help you need, or you figure out a way to get organized, or you finally buckle down and do something about your problems.

i Jupiter opposite Saturn: As much as you want to break out of your old patterns, circumstances may not permit it. However tempted you may be by new acquaintances and fresh opportunities, your responsibilities are ongoing. Your best move is to accept your obligations.

i Jupiter conjunct Uranus: Unusual opportunities present themselves to you, and you have the courage to take a leap and express your individuality. This is an exciting time of positive change.

i Jupiter opposite Uranus: Surprising opportunities may bring a longed-for chance to break away from confining circumstances. Overconfidence leads nowhere, but there's something to be said for taking a calculated risk.

i Jupiter conjunct Neptune: Your mystical side, spiritual interests, supernatural ability, and imagination are enlarged. Possible problems include excessive daydreaming, substance abuse, and the refusal to accept reality.

i Jupiter opposite Neptune: Accepting reality isn't easy — and you probably aren't even trying. Your imagination may be soaring, but your judgment is poor. You're impractical and easily deceived. If you've ever struggled with substance abuse, you must be vigilant now.

i Jupiter conjunct Pluto: Your ambition and personal power are enlarged, and your labors bear fruit. In the past, you may have journeyed through the underworld of sorrow, fear, or isolation. If so, you now return to the light.

i Jupiter opposite Pluto: Your desire for power can get out of hand, and obstacles may block your way. At this moment of transition, you may feel as if you have little control or that you're caught in a power struggle.

i Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant: You're open, ebullient, and even lucky. During the year or so when Jupiter contacts your Ascendant and travels through your first house, you're outgoing and receptive, and people respond to you positively. The bad news: Weight gain is a distinct possibility.

i Jupiter opposite the Ascendant: You easily connect with others, and your relationships flourish. During the year or so when Jupiter opposes the Ascendant and inhabits the seventh house, you could attract a new partner, either business or personal, into your life.

i Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven: Jupiter's conjunction with the Midheaven, followed by a yearlong sojourn in your tenth house, can bring success, an enlarged role in the world, and career options galore. Take advantage of them.

i Jupiter opposite the Midheaven: Family relationships improve. This is a fine year to move, invest in real estate, focus on domestic pursuits, and heal family wounds.

Jupiter transits bring growth, opportunity, and the danger of indolence.

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