Note about Minor Aspects

The major aspects discussed in this chapter aren't the only geometrical relationship that astrologers consider significant. Other aspects, typically described as minor aspects, also connect two planets. Because minor aspects are weak, the orb allotted to them is small — only 2°.

Two minor aspects I refer to in this chapter are the semi-sextile, a 30° aspect that's considered mildly positive, and the semi-square, a 45° aspect whose influence is somewhat stressful. These minor aspects rise in importance if the chart has a scarcity of major aspects, as occasionally happens. But remember, they call them minor for a reason.

Table 13-4 lists the most important of the minor aspects.

Table 13-4

Minor Aspects






Mildly supportive



Mildly irritating



Promotes creativity



Stressful and active

Quincunx or inconjunct


Indecisive; on again/off again

Are there other minor aspects? You bet. There's the septile, the novile, and more. I've seen symbols for aspects I've never even heard of. You can reach a point when adding more aspects to a chart only obliterates the big picture. That's why I recommend sticking with the majors.

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