Who shall doe best in a suit of

[This shall be more copiously handled, ere I conclude the judgements of this 7th house.]

If the Lord of the Ascendant and 7th be in angles, weither shall overcome: See which is joyned to an evil Planet in a cadent house, that Party shall be overcome: If both be joyned to Infortunes, both Parties will be undone by the Suit, or receive infinite prejudice. If the one be strong and the other weake, and he that is strong be not cadent, nor joyned to an Infortune; and he that is ill dignifyed, or in a weake quarter of Heaven or House, I say, if he be not in his owne House, or Exaltation, or with a good Planet; then the strongest in the Scheame overcomes.

He that is but meanly strong in the Figure, seems very fearfull; sometimes he hopes to win, at othertimes to loose: and observe this in Questions, concerning Warres and Kingdomes, the Fortitude of a Planet is greater in his Exaltation then in his House, in all other Questions quite contrary.

Of Partnership, Society or Fellowship betwixt two, if it shall be, or not.

If good Planets be in the 7th and 1st, the Society shall be, and good will come of it: the continuance of it, whether for yeers, dayes, or moneths, is knowne by the Lord of the 7th. If you will know when it shall be, see if a good Planet be in the 7th, then the Society or Partnership shall be that yeere. If the Lord of the Ascendant and 7th agree in nature and quality, the Parties will agree; if not, they will disagree, and there will be perpetuall (or at least often) jangling.

Of two Partners, which shall game or doe best.

The Lord of the Ascendant and 7th are to be considered, and in what state their Lords be, and so judge; for if the Significators of the Querent be in better dignities then the Quesited, the Querent prospers; & e contra. If evill shall come on the

The Resolutionn of businesse, then he whose Significator is in a cadent house, that party doth the worst; if any ones Significator be exalted, he gaineth.

See the 2nd and his Lord, and the 8th and his Lord, and in which of these houses the best Planet, or the Lord thereof in the best place, or joyned to the best Planet, he shall game most. The 2nd house sheweth the Querents substance, the 8th the riches of the Companion or Partner; if both be good, both shall game. If both ill, both shall lose; if one good and the other ill, he that hath the good Planet shall gaine, the other shall lose.

Of familiarity betwixt Neighbour and Neighbour.

Whether Society or Friendship shall endure, behold if a good Planet be in the 7th, then he pretendeth thee or the Querent good fellowship and meanes really, especially if the same Planet or the Lord of the 7th behold the ascendant, or the Lord thereof, with a Trine or Sextile aspect; also it shall endure so many Moneths, Dayes or Yeers, as he hath Degrees to goe in the same House, or Signe, fixed, common, or moveable.

Of removing from place to place.

Behold the 4th and 7th houses, and their Lords, and if they be good and strong, and well affected, and good Planets in the said houses, it is very good, & e contra.


The Lord of the ascendant stronger then the Lord of the 7th, abide; if not, remove; if both be evill, stay; & e contra. Moon seperating from Infortunes, goe; from Fortunes, abide. Note the ascendant is for the Journier ( or the place he goeth from,) the 7th the Place whither he would goe. Also if the Lord of the ascendant separate from Infortunes and apply to Fortunes, goe; If from Fortunes, and applieth to Infortunes, stay: and if the Lord of the Ascendant and Moon agree, the judgement is more certain.

all manner of QUESTIONS.

Of removing from one place to another; or of two Businesses, which is best.

Consider the 1st and 2nd houses, and their Lords, and the Lords of the places to which thou wouldest goe, and Lord of the substance thou thinkest for to attaine there, see the 7th and 8th houses and their Lords, which of them is best and strongest, thither goe and remove. Or see the Lord of the ascendant or the Moon, whom if thou findest to be separated from evill Planets, and joyned to Fortunes, it is better to goe then stay, and doe any businesse thou intendest. If the Lord of the ascendant be separated from fortunes, and apply to infortunes, neither move or do the businesse thou intendest; see if the planet to whom the Moon applyes be better then that she separated from, for then thou mayest remove, else not: &c.

If it be best to remove or stay in any place, whether Village, Territory, City or House.

See the Lord of the Ascendant, 4th and 7th house; if the Lord of the 4th be in the 7th, and be a good planet, and if the Lord of the 1st and 7th be good, and with good planets, it is good to abide still: but if the Lord of the 7th be with a good planet, and the Lord of the 4th with an evill one, it is then not good to stay; for if he goe, he shall receive much dammage by abiding there.

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