Whether the Portion of the Wife will be great or easily obtained or whether is the Woman enquired after rich or not

Herein vary your ascendant, and then the Question as well resolves the demand concerning the estate of a man as of a woman. The Querent is still signified by the Lord of the ascendant and 1st house, his substance and Estate by the 2nd house, Lord thereof, Planet or Planets posited in the house, and the Lord of Part of Fortune and place of heaven, and sign wherein it is found.

That which is the occasion of this Question is, if a man propounded the Question, Whether the Woman he enquires after be rich, &c. Behold in this judgement the Signe of the 8th house, the Lord thereof, the Planet posited therein.

The Cusp of the 8th in the Termes of Jupiter or Venus give good hopes of Wealth, or Jupiter or Venus posited in that house; plenty of Wealth if they are essentially dignified, direct, and free from Combustion; not so much, if they or either of them be Retrograde, Combust, or slow in motion: for though in essentiall dignities and so qualified, they expresse a sufficient and large proportion, yet with some kinde of trouble it will come to the Querent.

The Lord of the 8th in the 8th no wayes impedited, gives good hopes of some Inheritance or Land to fall to the Wife or woman, or by some Legacy, some Estate; the more certaine if either the Lord of the 4th in the Figure, or the Lord of the 10th and the Lord of the 8th be in any benevolent aspect out of Angles or succedant houses, or out of the 11th and 8th. Part of Fortune in the 8th and in Aquarius or Leo, or any of the houses of Jupiter or Venus, they casting their Trine or Sextile aspect to Part of Fortune: you need not feare but the estate of the quesited party is sufficient, and if the dispositor of Part of Fortune doe but cast his Sextile or Trine to it, or else is in a good aspect of Jupiter of Venus: these argue the Woman inquired after to be a good Fortune, and you are not to make doubt of his or her Estate.

Saturn or Mars Peregrine in the 8th, either poore or little of what is promised will be obtained, or extreame contention about it.

The Lord of the 8th Combust, slow performance, scarce ability in the Parents to performe what is promised.

South Node in the 8th, no fortunate Planet being there, there's cheating intended, or more will be promised then performed.

Lord of the 8th in the 2nd, or in Trine or Sextile to the Lord of the 2nd, the Querent shall have what is promised, in Square with difficulty, in Opposition never, without much wrangling; if no reception hardly at all. Its impossible to give such generall Rules as will hold ever certaine, therefore I advise every Practicer to well weigh the Querent his Condition, and the possibility the Figure promises, and so frame his conjecture.

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