Whether the Disease be in the right or left side or part of the Body of him that demands the Question or is Sick

When you finde the Lord of the 6th unfortunate or afflicted above the earth (that is in the 12,11,10,9,8,7 houses) the Disease is in the right side of the Body, and in the upper part thereof. If the Lord of the 6th be under earth, viz.. in the 1,2,3,4,5,6 houses, or vitiated in a diurnal Signe, the Disease is in the superior or fore-part of the body, as in the fore—head, stomacke, &c. If in a nocturnall Signe, the infirmity is in the back part of the Body.

If the Significator of the Disease be in a Feminine Signe, and in Aspect to a Feminine Planet in a Feminine Signe or House, the Disease is in the left side of the Body. I ever finde this generall rule to hold true, viz. if the Lord of the 6th be a Masculine Planet and above earth, the right side of the Sicke is pained. If the Significator be in few degrees of the Signe, the

The Resolution of upper part of that Member is pained or grieved; If the Significator be in the middle of the Signe, the middle part of the Member is distressed, and so the lower part of the Member, when the Significator possesseth the lower degrees of the Signe.

Whether the Disease be in the Body, Minde or both.

You must understand in the first place, that the Signe ascending the Moon and the Lord of the house wherein the Sun is, doe shew the Spirit of Man, and that the Lord of the Ascendant, the Planet who is Dispositor of the Moon, doth denote both the externall and internall Members. Wherefore in giving judgment herein, you may consider if the Ascendant Sun and Moon be all vitiated or afflicted, the Disease is then through the whole Body, or no place is free. If those Planets who dispose of the Sun and Moon, or he that is Lord of the Ascendant, or two of them at least be afflicted, the Disease is in the Spirits together with some indisposition of minde. The reason hereof is, because the Lord of the Ascendant and Dispositor of the Moon are properly the Significators of the Animal faculties and infirmities in Man, or which may chance unto him. As deprivation of Sense, Maddnesse, Frenzie, Melancholly, &c.

If the Ascendant, the Moon and Lord of the House of the Sun are all or but 2 of them impedited, the infirmity rests in the Mind but not in the Body.

If the Ascendant and the Moon be both unfortunate, and the Lord of the Ascendant and Dispositor of the Moon free, the indisposition is in the Minde and not in the Body. This generall rule many Astrologians observe, viz. that Saturn naturally forshews or causeth Melancholy, all manner of distempers from Melancholly, and by consequence the disturbed Minde; wherefore wheresoever you finde Saturn Lord of the Ascendant or of the Houre, or 12th House, or 6th, or if the Moon separate from him, or if Saturn be in the 6th house, or in the Ascendant, or in Conjunction, Square or Opposition of the Lord of the Ascendant, the sick-party labours with some affliction of Minde, or with some vexatious care where—with his minde is more troubled; now the contrary hereof Jupiter effects, for he never oppresseth the all manner of QUESTION

Minde but the Body. If the Lord of the House of the Moon and of the Ascendant are unfortunate by the Sun, or Combust, or under his beames, the infirmity is Bodily.

If that Planet who rules the Signe wherein the Lord of the Ascendant is in, and he who is Dispositor of the Moone be infortunate in their fall, detriment or otherwayes very much afflicted, the Disease raignes more in the Minde then in the Body.

If a Planet in the Ascendant, or the Ascendant, or if the Lord of the House of the Moone be oppressed in the 12th, or by a Sextile or Trine or Opposition of Mars, the Disease is both in the Minde and the Body. A Planet being by nature malevolent, beholding the Ascendant and not the Moone, and together with this, if the Lord of the Signe where the Sun is be afflicted, the party is grieved in Minde, but not sick in his Body. Also, if the degree ascending and degree of that Signe wherein the Moon is be more afflicted then the Lords of those Signes, the Disease ranges more in the Minde then the Body, and so the contrary when the Lords are more afflicted then the parts of the Signes before mentioned. If the Lord of the Ascendant and the Sun be in their exaltations, and the dispositor of the Moon in his detriment or fall, the Disease is in the Body, not the Minde. When the Lords of the places of the Moon and of the Sun be in their detriment, fals, or Peregrine, Retrograde, Combust, and the degree ascending in Square of the Moon; and free from ill aspects of Saturn and Mars, then is the Patient vexed with a tormented Soule. Usually when the Sun, the Lord of the Ascendant, or houre, or of the 12th house are Significators of the party inquiring, these shew a Minde vexed with haughtinesse, vaine-glory, self— conceitednesse, Pride, &c.

Venus argues luxury, a laviscious desire to Women, wherewith both Body and Minde are disturbed. Mercury shews doating fancies, and fearfull imaginations, wheresoever you finde him a Significator and afflicted: as also, that he is stirred to mistrust upon vaine feares, his owne jealous fancies, or upon some flying reports.. Over and above the many Directions formerly prescribed, you must well consider whether the degrees wherein the Lord of the Ascendant, the Sun or Moon at time of the Birth (if you have the Patients Nativity) doe fall to be the degrees of a Signe when the Moon is 12 degrees from the wherein a present Eclipse is, at time of the sicknesse or neer it, or of some eminent great Conjunction; for I must tell you, these are all unfortunate.

The Signe of the Eclips or of a great Conjunction threatening evil, or the Signe of the 8th House of the yeerly revolution of the World, falling in any of the Angles of the Nativity, especially in the Ascendant, proves very dangerous.

When a Signe ascends upon the first falling sick, or demand of the Patient, wherein the Infortune was in the Nativity, it most fearfully torments the sick party, viz. it shews he shall have a hard fit of Sicknesse. The Conjunction of the Moon with the Sun is a very ill Signe, when there's not above 6 degrees distance betwixt them, and the Moon not yet passed by the Sun, that is, not having been in Conjunction with him: however, upon the Sun and Moon their being in Conjunction in Aries or Leo, this misfortune is lessened; Sun, she shews little danger..

Of the Crysis, or dayes Criticall.

Sundry Astrologians have handled this part of Medicinall Astrology so learnedly, that I shall onely refere them to their excellent Works, which are publikely to be had; onely thus much I have ever observed, that to find the true Crysis, you must as neer as can be obtained, get the hour wherein the Patient first took to his Bed; which if it cannot be had, then take the hour when first Judgment was required of the Physitian, and rectifie the Moon her motion to that very hour; if the Disease be not chronick, but acute, you shall find great alteration in the Disease and party infirmed, neer upon those times when the Moon comes to be distant from that her first place, 45 degrees; so also when she is 90 degrees from that place; and again when distant 135 degrees, for discovering whether the Crysis will be good or ill, you must note what Planet she is in aspect □ ithal at those times, whether with a friendly Planet or Infortune. If she be in a good aspect at those times with a benevolent Planet, it doth promise ease, and a better condition in the Disease.. But if she then meets with an ill aspect of the Lord of the 8th or 6th, the Patient will be worse, his paine encrease, all manner of QUESTIONS.

and the Medicine will do little good. I usually observe, and I doe not remember that I have failed, viz. that as oft as the Moon came to Square, Conjunction or Opposition of that Planet who did any wayes either afflict the ascendant; the Lord of the ascendant of the Moon, or when she came to the like aspect of the Lord of the 6th or any Planet that was posited in the 6th, I say, then I did ever observe the Patient to be much distempered, the Disease high, and Medicines given about those times to work little or no good effect; when I observed Moon to come to a Trine or Sextile of the Lord of the Ascendant, or Lord of the 11th, or Lord of the 9th or 10th, I use to pronounce to the Infirmed, comfort and some relaxation or an intervall of ease; so also, when the Lord of the Ascendant came to any good aspect of the Sun (if he has not power or domination in the disease, I found the Patient's mind much enlightened.)

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