Whether Man or Wife shall dye first

Judgment upon this Figure.

For many weighty Reasons one desired me to consider whether himselfe or wife should dye first; Whereupon I erected the figure of heaven, as above placed.

Finding the 7th house afflicted, which signifieth the Wife by the position of Saturn in Aries his Fall, and that Mars Lord of the 7th was cadent in Gemini and the 9th house, and disposed by Mercury Lord of the 6th from the 7th, and he Retrograde and in his Fall, and the Moon in Scorpio, but the 8th house from the 7th. These considerations moved me to inquire of the Querent, whether his Wife was not very sicke, and in a Consumption (for so it appeared unto me) and also infirmed (in Secretis.) For if you observe all those Significators which have relation unto her,

The Resolution of are wholly unfortunate and out of their essentiall dignities. I inquired her age, her exact Nativity I could not obtaine, onely I understood she was now in her 42. yeer of age, viz. her Climactericall yeer, which is usually dangerous; and the more unto her, she meeting with an untoward Disease neer or in that time.

I considered the 7th house which was her ascendant whereby I judged her Corporature to be small, or her Person incurvating, her visage long and leane, her complexion darke and pale, her conditiond very waspish, or she very forward, &c. which was confessed, and I afterwards found, Because Saturn sheweth long lingering Diseases, and Mercury Lord of the 6th house was Retrograde; I judged she would relaps out of one Disease into another, partly by her owne obstinatenesse, and partly by the errour of the Physician: By her owne wilfulnesse, because that the the Lord of her ascendant was also Lord of the 8th; and partly by neglect of the Physician, who was signified by Venus who was in Square with Saturn in Equinoctiall and Tropicall Signes and in Angles, arguing his or their small care of the miserable Gentlewoman: All things seriously considered, I concluded the Woman would dye first; for the Significator of the Man hath no manner of affliction, viz. Venus she being in her Hayne, and free from the least manner of misfortune, and so was the man from all infirmities. For the time when she should dye, I observed when Saturn and Mars came to an ill aspect; for Saturn did most of all represent her in person and condition; and I found that about the latter end of September following Mars came to an opposition of Saturn, Mars then being neer the place of the Moon at time of the Question, viz. in 2 degr. of Scorpio, and Saturn in 2 of Taurus, the Moon at that moment in the place of Mars, viz. in 20 degr. of Gemini or thereabouts. From thence I concluded, that it was probable she would dye or be in great danger of death about the latter end of September or beginning of October; and in truth she dyed the 8th of October, upon which day Mars and Mercury were in Conjunction in the 8th degree of Scorpio; the one in the Question being Lord of the ascendant, and the other of the 6th, the degree it selfe the very same of the Moon in the Question, and Moon to the 12. of Libra the opposite degree to her ascendant in the Question.

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